What you eat shows on your outside too


We do facials and accupressure for those that are interested in learning

I am so lucky to have found you at a time of my greatest need. You have a gift for making people feel welcome.
— Inge, our oldest client, 92 years old!
Just about everything here was unforgettable. Thank you for putting us on the right track and changing our lives.
— Nick & Margaret, architect & cancer survior
I could wax lyrical for hours about the Olive Retreat but suffice it to say I have returned home relaxed, refreshed, and full of ideas of how to stay that way.
— Sandra
Would any other Retreat so gently nurture us towards the absolute certainty that had we found another door in life that - if we chose to walk through it - things would certainly have every chance of getting better?
— Alan

The Olive Retreat (very human) Team

Olive Retreat was founded many years ago by a small group of very diverse people who have lived and worked in many industries and places around the world. As most people do, we all had our fair share of pain and suffering, and as we each pursued our own healing journeys and passion for life in various corners of the globe, we eventually ended up together with the same idea of sharing what we had learned along the way. Because life happens without notice, the staff at any particular retreat week might vary from the standard team (usually we all make it no matter what kind of storm life offers. We just love what we do and wouldn't miss it).
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After earning an MBA in Economics from the University of Stockholm, Cristina navigated her way upward through the corporate ranks in some of Sweden's highest earning and most recognizable companies, until – as with many leaders in the wellness industry – a personal experience lead her to leave her management position and change careers.

For Cristina, it was the paradox of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer on the same day her first child was born, and the recognition of the impermanence this entailed. The only thing we can be sure of, she realized, is that everything changes, on all levels.

She poured herself into medical and health literature; realizing that the existing forms of healing weren't effective — that there is too much power and revenue leading the established medical and pharmaceutical industries. She turned towards holistic avenues and methods.

Her teachings and practices are based on her 25+ years of prolific study, combined with personal trial and error. She became a devoted disciple to famous holistic leaders, many of whom she worked with personally, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bo M. Nielsen, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Sri Ravi Shankar, and Dr. Simo. Her healing focus became Ayurvedic and Orthomolecular Medicine, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayamas and meditation. 

Since the cure of her family member, many others would also come to learn self-healing from Cristina. Her teachings took form when working clinically and at retreats. They are all derived from her huge gratitude and humility for what she was given, and for being able to share and help others to heal. The only mystery about healing is that it is so easy to be healthy, once you learn!

She loves natural exercise such as hiking and running, and natural, clean vegan food as promoted by such notable figures as Dr. A. Wigmore, Dr. H. Clark, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Vant. Boutenko, and Dr. Saupe. Her devotion has since helped parents, children, corporations, athletes, models, physiotherapists, businesspeople, housewives, and even doctors, with issues big or small, that prevent them from being happy, healthy and at peace. She has published books and articles, making her work available to everyone who is interested in learning.
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Ray got only half way through a fully funded PhD fellowship in Anthropology at Brandeis University, while working as a research associate at MIT, before he started dying, slowly, and with much consternation. All the best doctors and most expensive medications later did nothing to help him and yet, reluctant to give up to his fate – slow and tedious death from the inside out – he did what all sensible people do in these cases. He started meditating. 

The activity of meditating, for Ray listening to the voices of nature – wind, water, insects, etc., – would lead him on a journey that began with his being diagnosed and healed from Celiac Sprue disease by a naturopath in Oregon, through over forty countries until today, where he gives part of his time to the mission and vision of Olive Retreat.

During that time Ray has lived and taught in universities in the USA, China, Lesotho, Saudi Arabia and Thailand, and during the most recent decade served as a communications advisor at the highest corporate level. He has met and worked with Fortune 50 Chairmen and CEOs, Kings, Prime Ministers, Ministers, orphans, slaves, abandoned and lost, and learned from them all. Shinzo Abe once said to him, "you're the innovator," Glenn Lowry, "you're the idea man," Dr. Dieter Zetsche, "you're fast," Arnold Schwarzeneggar, "get some sleep," Michael Phelps, "thanks!" and Pra Tawat, "meditate like this, Ajarn Ray."

Ray's journey has flown him in private jets (often reluctantly) and down dusty streets in bare feet and loose hanging lungis. He's eaten with Kings and dined with monks and untouchables, but can't tell which is which and who is who. He has studied meditation in China, Tibet, Nepal, India, the US and Thailand.


When you're ready, we're here for you


We don't believe in accidents or mistakes, largely because if any one of our lives is either, that would mean all those who we touch and are touched by, and all those touched and touched by them, and on and on ad infinitum, would also be a mistake, and that's just too improbable to be true.

So, you've gotten this far in your search. Consider taking the next step and honoring us with your presence, with who you are now and who you are becoming, and open a door you'll never wish to go back on.

What does retreat mean to you?

Is Retreat a noun or a verb? Do you read the word as a physical place, or a frantic departure?

In the former case you'd be correct to see Retreat as a restorative destination, and in the latter, a process of saving yourself.

Sometimes flight is our only hope, and when that flight brings us to a group of welcoming souls, whose journeys have been proven to be helpful to those from nearly all walks of life, and all manner of stressors, you'd be right to see Retreat - Olive Retreat - as a reprieve in motion and arrival.


In any case, this is what we include in an Olive in Spain:

  • Premium accommodation (single or double/twin room)

  • Airport transfer/round trip (1 bag)

  • Health booklet + OO8 Mind Detox + Yoga Manual

  • Pre-health questionnaire study

  • Personal assessment upon arrival (incl. Metabolic type/Dosha)

  • Personal recommendations upon departure

  • All detoxing food and drinks

  • Daily Yoga/stretching + meditation + breathing

  • Daily body detox classes + exercises (latest science)

  • Daily mind detox classes + meditation techniques + exercises

  • Cooking/baking/smoothie classes

  • Daily anaerobic and aerobic exercise in pristine nature

  • 1 massage (more can be provided)

  • A facial with all natural products that will make you sparkle

  • 24h staff at venue and lots of time to talk

  • Two months “back-home-support”