Breath is our time here

For those of you who are new to our world, below is a little history. For those of you who know us, we're still here, but we have cleaned our caches and are refining our approach to the new 👑world in as simple a fashion as possible. Stay tuned.

After ten very successful, fun and hectic years of helping individuals create healthy lifestyles and business groups create healthy businesses, via retreats, books, events, meetings, and research, The Corona has encouraged us to sit tight in Thailand where we have since planted miracles in us and others, in our herbal garden and in our innovative venue - The Future House - for a thermodynamically* efficient lifestyle, and for an authentic health that transcends fancy white (chlorine soaked) sheets and other marketing apprati.

In addition to our online work, we love to write, books included, none of which are best sellers, but many of which have reached the hands of readers from around the world, especially "The Hippiepreneur" series and our Health Guides. Now is a good time to read any of our books, all of which were written about health and happiness for the 21st century human and earth, if one wants that. 

Working online has been a blessing, and with that in mind we created a full seven-day online detox retreat, much needed after Covid and vaccines, with videos and interactive meetings and health assessments. Otherwise, home is both Spain (when we get there) and in Khao Tao, Thailand, where we built a modern OSHRAM and ditched a lot of the old cliches that haven't served humanity or the earth very well. It's a place for peaceful tranquility and equality, to spur innovation and detoxification. Here planted miracles in people, in a herbal garden and in over 260 trees and plants. 

Why does time fly?

We both enjoyed a measure of conventional success working in both the public and private sectors globally, before turning our attention and entrepreneurial skills to work in service of nature itself - life - and the hope it brings us. Having learned more than we imagined, being asked to support and report more of all we learned, we now live 100% outdoors and pursue an innovative healthy lifestyle in which the exploration of life in all its amazing forms is our most intriguing and satisfying activity.

By becoming truly healthy, life becomes a miracle, in spite of the challenges it brings and we love it, all of it in all it's forms.

Maybe except stub tail macaques, sometimes.

Cristina has an MBA in Economics from the University of Stockholm, and certificates and training in Nutrition (Sweden/USA), Orthomolecular Medicine (Spain/USA), Ayurveda (Sweden/India) and other holistic methods such as Bio-decodification (Spain), Medical Acupressure (Spain) and a Masters in Ashtanga Yoga (Stockholm/Spain/India). At Olive we live what we teach because it feels so darn good and it works so darn well! It's light, sustainable and as kind as possible, beginning with ourselves, every day and hour, as part of and not separate from evolution and our history as AMHS. 

In between the classes and assessments Cristina studies with her never ending curiosity and ability to dig deeper. For the moment her interest goes to studying the source (the Vedas, and the etymology of Pali and Sanskrit), virology and the microbiome at uni(s), and working on the grand theme of her life - a book about motherhood and it's low statues in competitive cultures and the consequences that brings for the health of the planet Earth.

Prior to devoting herself to health, Cristina worked for many years as a market strategist in the mobile telecom sector, and the skills she derived from that experience would come in handy later in life when researching  mainstream medicine and health care. A turning point came when she would realize the flaws in existing research. She jumped off the career wheel at the very top (Nordic Brand Manager for Telia Mobile) and started a new career in 2004.

She studied and worked with Orthomolecular Medicine and at other healthy retreats for eight years before starting Olive and EC🌿Ayurveda.

Ray has an MA in Cultural Anthropology from Brandies University, with specialties in Anthropological and Non-Essentialist Sociolinguistics. He has taught at universities in the USA, China, Lesotho, Saudi Arabia and randomly to individuals and organizations in Spain and Thailand. He has studied meditation in Nepal, Tibet and Thailand, and familiarized himself with all the religious and spiritual traditions of the times, as well as the people who practice and believe in them.

He spent ten years working in the Saudi Government as a Communications Advisor to the Governor and Chairman of the Board of SAGIA, during which time he met many heads of states (kings, PMs and shit) and private sector leaders, including the Chairman and CEOs of the word's largest and most profitable companies, in some 40 countries. He's the guy behind the largest (still existing) conference in the Middle East and the ghost writer for some famous names.

He and Cristina wrote the Olive 08 Mind Detox Dialogue, a method which has helped hundreds of people from all over the world answer the most basic questions about themselves, by first learning to question the most basic answers. In only seven days we can guide a rigid, cemented idea into the sparkling flow of a creative life.


Chief Boss

Cristina is an expert in Ayurveda and OM. She founded Olive's life-enhancing initiative in 2011 in Spain, after jumping off the wheel of stress in the telecom sector. 


Chief Questioner

Ray joined Olive in 2012, after decades of experience in academia, government and the private sector, and in over 40 countries.


*The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

In brief, when energy is transformed, as in doing pretty much anything one does in life, some energy is always lost, i.e., wasted, and the natural tendency of any isolated system over time is to degenerate into a more disordered state.

That means, there are health costs to every action, but also that some actions are less costly than others. A vegan diet is the most energy efficient start to the most energy efficient and therefore healthy lifestyle one can imagine, and best solution to degeneration into more disordered states.  (read about the second law of thermodynamics)

"96% of our client's report that they feel happier and are healthier six months after working with us, and 82% of our clients report better lives and improved professional performance still a year later."