Design Your own O·live almost anywhere, anytime

Bring your people to us, or our people to you, or yet something else. In every case all our food options are vegan and we travel easy.

What better gift can you give than Health?

O·live Retreat can customize a special vegan retreat for you, your group or family, or for those who want to explore the possibility of a healthier lifestyle, but prefer a retreat in another location, or a personalized retreat in one of our venues, or to hold an event with their group using our resources. We can create a customized program from 30 minute workshops to full-on retreats designed to suit your needs, or simply provide support while you achieve your objectives with your special people.

We have taken O·live’s health and performance-enhancing message to Germany, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, England, Spain, France, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and a host of other cities and countries. We have served groups, birthday events, multinational marketing events, fundraising events, human rights groups, a ministry, weddings, and even funerals. We have also hosted groups from organizations who wish to use their time here with specific objectives, and our support to achieve them. 

Check our program, pick your choices and create a detoxing event in any destination. We offer three example platforms, corporate, group and family — each optimized to leave participants with healthier, more energized happy bodies, and more creative, peaceful minds. Inquire about your personally-tailored O·live Retreat, and let us review habits like exercise, food, breathing, the health of your domestic or working environments, the use of household chemicals, fabrics and coatings, beauty products, and pretty much everything else that can be reviewed from the health perspective.


Statistics show that healthy employees and healthy work environments mean increased performance and innovativeness, which is what we aspire to achieve with our corporate clients. We have studied workplaces, work place habits, corporate strategies, corporate communications and more, with a view to creating an atmosphere that will help an organization and its employees find a niche and perform in a way that increases revenue and employee satisfaction. Sometimes it takes an outsider with a certain interest, in our case, health, to provide the next innovative spark.

Home & Family 

It could be anything - a celebration, a honeymoon, a family vacation, just about anything. It could also just be getting better habits for the whole family, including cooking, exercise, meditation, study, getting rid of the toxic products used in the home, or the coatings used to construct it in the first place. We've helped families become closer, smoother, and happier. They eat better, breath better, love better. They do better in school, create better at work, and get a more healthy interior and exterior environments, and all in all, live more content and potential-filled lives. No culture is beyond our understanding, or is any family arrangement an issue. What better gift can we give our children than health?


Give the gift of health to your friends. We've worked with groups from as small as five to as large as seventy five, and have enjoyed just about everything in between. Maybe it's just a one day party, maybe a week long retreat in a place of your choosing, including your own home or ours. Whatever you would like to plan for your friends, we are more than creative and amenable enough to provide a wholesome experience of great food, great teachings, great fun, and great silence.

Don't hesitate to inquire about your personally-tailored Olive Retreat now. Let's work together to bring healthier bodies and minds to where you need it, and when.

Your Group, Your Objectives


Yes, you simply bring your group to our facilities and use our local knowledge and resources to hold an event that suits your objectives. It’s easy. More.

WOW! What an AMAZING week, I have loved every moment. This has been life changing for me, enlightening in many subjects. It was DIVINE!
— Deborah

Evolve. Learn. Love.
Enjoy. Heal.

When Cristina said the best gift we can give our kids is teach them how to cook it clicked. She is so right.
— Claude
At the market

At the market

Yoga event

Yoga event

I did it :)
Who would have thought...
— Glen
Hiking at Sierra de las Nieves

Hiking at Sierra de las Nieves

I like my colleagues now...amazing :)
— Anonymous
Event for Swedish Insurance Broker

Event for Swedish Insurance Broker