Questions are good, we love them, we adore them, actually we question everything. Please let us know your questions. 

For special retreat & events, such as Chakra Detox Spain, Bicycle Charity Thailand, Runners Delight Thailand, please inquire for invitation and program

☎︎ Talk to Tim in the UK, almost any reasonable time*

+44 794 054 0312

☎︎ Contact Cristina or Ray *

SPAIN: September 10-November 11, 2017**

+34 619 120 195 / Cristina

+66 830 602 184  / Ray (through what's app)

THAILAND: November 11 - March 30*

+66 830 602 184 / Ray
+66 957 875 293 / Cristina

Skype:  cristina.olive.retreat


* You can find us on all kinds of chats such as WhatsApp, Line, Messanger...

** This is our regular plan but if we don't answer please try both countries.

 Food prep

Food prep

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