NEW |  FEEL F' REAL - summer 2018, Thailand


the health retreat FOR THE SOUL (TOO)

We believe all feelings are great, let them come. Only the activity springing from those feelings exists to be framed in a historical context as good or bad, or appropriate or not. Think. Where did many of the great NGO's, mind blowing books and positive historic changes come from? Probably many of them out of feelings of pain and suffering. So don't let the feelings go, don't forget them. Bring them on and let them burst out through your creativity. If you wish we offer a 3 months Feel f' Real Program to coach you into action.


SPRING | CHAKRA DETOX - Spain at its best



This very special retreat is designed to explore our inner healing powers through the ancient methods of the Vedic and Tantric traditions. Apart from the usual Olive program, we learn to understand and benefit from forces we all have in us, such as the kundalini force. You will observe, and as a result, dissolve karmic loads toward enhancing your health and life force (Prana), and that of those you love. If we understand the universe correctly, this applies to your life in all its temporal manifestations. Let us send you an Invitation and Program.


It is important to give some emphasis to this point. Some might say “WHOLEness is only an ideal, toward which we should perhaps strive.” But this is not what is being said here. Rather, what should be said is that WHOLEness is what is real, and that fragmentation is the response of this whole to man’s action, guided by illusory perception, which is shaped by fragmentary thought.”
— David Bohm


"Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!"

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