Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Olive Retreat Holiday Gift Guide Raw Vegan Health Retreat

Looking to find healthy gifts for your friends and family? Here's our Olive Retreat Healthy Holiday Gift Guide!

Ceramic Knife
Once you go ceramic you never go back. A lifetime of sharpness, plus ceramic knives don't oxidize veggies the same way a steel knife does. 

Pressure Cooker
Cook your favorite grains and legumes in a fraction of the time. Choose a stainless steel manual over electric which can have a plastic teflon film on the bottom.

Coffee Grinder
Get the most out of your whole spices and notice a remarkable difference in how good your food tastes. Fresh-grinding whole spices is a key technique to our tasty food. Useful for grinding nuts as well. 

High-Speed Blender
Well worth it the investment. Make super smoothies, rawghurts, bean pastes, soups, and more. Aim for at least 1000W so it's strong enough for rougher foods like frozen berries and kale.

Yoga Mat
Aways a winner for your or your loved ones' personal health. Perhaps throw in a yoga video, a few months subscription to, yoga app, or a few local classes! 

Five Finger Shoes
I have never felt as connected to earth as I do with my Five Fingers. Honor your ancestral heritage, maintain your toe grip, and bring your body alignment into its natural state.

Plant-Based Cook Book by Olive Retreat  Kindle Edition on Amazon

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masuro Emoto 

Perfect Health: The complete Mind/Body Guide by Deepak Chopra

Ani’s Rawfood Essentials by Ani Phyo