We take a risk in showing this view of this amazing woman, but we aren’t shy about what a vegan diet, some exercise and few life tips from O · live can do for a mid-fifties lady who said she “hadn't slept a full night for two years”. Certainly we can’t take all or even any of the credit, but we were yet again another first stop on an amazing journey you too can take.

Can’t sleep, or haven’t for years? Unhappy with your body? Anxious, in pain, lost, depressed, oppressed, suppressed? Do you want to cry every morning and perhaps every night, and through much of the day but not because you are utterly amazed at the miracle of life itself, but because you expected it to be and feel different than what you are and feel?

Or rather, jazzed up about life, ready to change the world, excited to be even healthier than you are, more creative, successful, alive, energetic, educated? Ready to change careers or start one, and therefore want a good detox to get a connected first step.

Need inspiration?


Mary did.

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