Connected Is Healthy

Imagine you were unable to perceive the apparently discrete boundaries between forms. No beginnings or endings. No man-woman-child-dog-stone-flower-butterfly-sea-color-texture-tree. There were no beginnings or endings, no borders or skins, as there are no drops but only oceans. Just an infinite intricately woven web of being, all connected and affected.

Many have made this claim through the years, and only now has our science caught up with our sense there’s more to the senses.

“Division into particles, or into particles and fields, is only a crude abstraction and approximation...Thus we could come to the germ of a new notion of unbroken wholeness, in which consciousness is no longer to be fundamentally separated from matter." David Bohm

Is it on microbe level that we are connected or is it smaller particles, quarks and then how many “levels” are we connected on? Whatever level it is, just the thought makes me humble and grateful. All blaming and shaming burns away like mould in the sun. What can be more mind detoxing than that?

I love reading about this, I’m fascinated to understand creation. Maybe the Mr. O, the butterfly lizard sitting so still (he looks like the best meditator) also meditates on the creation. Who/what else is thinking about the creator and the creation? Or is it...Who doesn’t?

Imagine you were a lizard, a horse or an oak tree. When you open your eyes, leaves or whatever you have to sense and perceive the world you will be perceiving it with the physical method created for you, and what you sense you will judge and identify through the thinking (if you think) or your intuition (if you possess intuition) or just your biological form if you haven’t been created with any other processor of the sensations, largely depending on when, where and how i sense what I sense. So who is getting the truth? Is it Mr. O, the tree or me? There must surely be as many truths as creations asked, and if I do ask will I even understand, when I can’t perceive what they perceive. If we are all connected as they say, who needs my, Mr O’s and the oak tree’s perception?

How can these questions help me when I wake up in the middle of the night worried about my daughter, or I see a starving child in Yemen, the pollution in Bangkok, or yet another woman is getting blamed for being a bad mother when she she just tries to provide for the family equally to her husband?

Are all of these events connected too, and in that case did the aggressors really have a choice as the perceiver of the aggression had a choice not to perceive it?

I’ll continue seeking to understand the creator through figuring out a solution in each particular case, and seeing that each perceiver and observation is different, and in the meanwhile I want to cause as little harm as possible myself, and stick to my faith in the Creator knowing what the plan is, for no other Karmic reason than that it feels best.

And feeling best is choosing to be healthy.

Maybe one day She will share the truth with me?