Feel f’ Real

Feel f’ Real

Feel for Real (FfR) is the method we use to get to know our needs, observe and understand them, make friends with them and ultimately love them and the Self they represent. It’s a method we use in all we do, a practice that has long been forgotten and oppressed in our society. Distress and eventually disease is the result of this oppression, and the reason FfR was created. It’s not about being mindful but about being bodyful.

If we were to tell you that every event or experience is a miracle,

you might laugh at us in light of how challenging life can be.

On the other hand, if we calculate the probably of any event, most especially that of your birth and each successive second after - for better or worse - you would marvel at that number.

The question is, how do you wish to view so huge a quantity, so huge an incomprehensibility, or improbability?

Do you have a choice?