Rak - "Not too much and not to little"

In Thailand we offer Thai cooking classes with Rak. Her love for food is expressed in her creations. As owner of a the best family run restaurant In the area, we have enjoyed her food for several years and I will never forget the first time I tasted her simple magic. It can only be tasted, of course, and not expressed in words. 

Her hands worked too quickly for the eye to follow, but when her garlic, thai basil, lemon grass and ginger hit the pan ever so slightly to be stir fried with all kinds of veggies that I didn't know the name of yet, I knew she was good, very good. This goodness is offered to all Olive guests who want to learn more about healthy, vegan Thai food. Check the dates at the booking page.

Rak's knowledge about food as medicine, taught over generations by her mother and her grandmother, adds real value. Her sweet mother teaches us that there is a herb for all  remedies. Rak will be holding cooking classes from winter 2017 for anyone who wants to learn more about Thai vegan cooking and herbs. Combined with Cristina's nutritional classes you will be full feathered to fly home and cook your favourite healing meals.