Apple - "Thai massage is an old tradition"

In Thailand we work with Apple to do massages. What her intuition and hands find is the signalling from your body. Her soft touch and inner strength, supported through her own life experience, has helped many sore backs and stiff bodies to relax and feel again. She uses ancient reflexology points to ease years of pain and stiffness. 

"A healthy body is a relaxed and communicative body."

Her knowledge extends through all her excellent diplomas. Educated in the professional Thai Massage tradition and certified through their new rigorous systems, Apple's communication with your body is beyond you. She would say that she "asks your body, not you" and feels where you need acupressure, where you need deep tissue massage, healing herb compresses or just a gentle touch.

Her skills are difficult to explain. Her touch even more. You just have to try it out, and surely you'll understand. For us she is the perfect therapist, reaching a full diagnoses and set of recommendations for everyone to bring home after our health retreats. This cooperation is energy based, not linguistic.