John - "Aaaaw epic bru!"

The first time John, or Sipho as he is called in Langa, Cape Town, joined us in Thailand with his red socks was in August 2017. In boiling 30+ degree heat he was still committed to wearing the symbol of the charity he founded and for which his heart beats. As many others have, he stayed on, as many others have, he stayed in touch and as many others, we became dear friends.

Ray and John, have just finished a book telling John's amazing story about huge suffering and equally huge healing. The book is entitled The Butterfly Man, and will be launched soon. Sign up for our newsletter, or go to his page.

Today he is a Jivamukti Yoga instructor and a convincing vegan. He will share his knowledge and beautiful butterfly story at our retreats, and is eager to hear your story, learn from us all and help us to let go of what doesn't make sense to keep anymore. This is the true detox.

Share your story with this amazing guy in Thailand this winter or in Spain this Spring (check weeks).