Joom - "Everything's ok"

Joom is the MD of KTG (Khao Tao Group) the holding company for Olive Retreat. It is registered in Thailand. There are five different sister companies, one of them being Olive Retreat. Her positive and generous nature, married with Buddhism and Thai culture, makes her the solid foundation on which our small cooperation is built. Nothing would be possible without her in Thailand.

Her focus is on beauty, and she has grown a successful business of natural cosmetics in and around the Khao Tao and Hua Hin areas. Her enthusiasm and joy is as convincing as her products, transmitting inner and outer beauty. 

Olive Retreat, like no other personal health retreat, focuses on spreading the knowledge surrounding the subject of health to the work space. We have therefore chosen to cooperate with local businesses in both Spain and Thailand as an important path toward enhancing creativity and health around us. We support, and are supported by compassion as a common goal. This allows us to share and evolve both professionally and individually. The gifts we give at Olive Retreat often come from the first OTOP project built by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1965. Hand woven cotton is produced today as it was 52 years ago, thread by hand. 

KTG olive retreat