Kim - "That's So Awesome!"

When you meet Kim you will know what we mean by "calming energy." We simply feel good around her, and things become super easy. What needs to be done, is done. What needs to be fixed, is fixed. Whoever needs help, is helped. It's just all good.

Her fantastic soothing energy creates the calming and loving setting that is required for a truly successful detox. Her whole persona gives the impression that nothing can rock us. Her skills are all compassing, too, and she's an amazing chef. Most likely you will rave over her amazing guacamole among other things. 

Kim recently received her degree in Nutriton and Biochemistry in New Zealand and was traveling the world when she sent us a mail to join our small group. It was just one of those lucky karmic moments when we really needed a pair of extra-loving hands/hearts/minds/souls/spirits. Since then she has been in our extended Olive family, joining when her schedule permits.