Kumari - "Creativity Saves Lives"

Her given name is Martha, but Kumari was the name she chose after having reached an age to make the decision herself, a tradition at the ashrams in Asia. As many before her who have met challenges along the way, she dedicated most of her life to seeking the “truth”, or the best way to survive, or to feel alive, or should we say to understand this incomprehensible miracle we call life. However you want to describe it, Kumari has spent much of her adult life studying the healing traditions with a view toward healing her own, and other souls. Her path has taken her to pretty much every healing tradition and mountain, in all the famed mystical countries, through all the iconic texts and meditation philosophies. During that time she perfected her art form and today teaches a series of workshops or conducts private sessions to enhance people’s lives.

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At age three she created her own painting studio where she worked every day. At age five she quit kindergarten after one day, preferring her own painting work to the schoolroom noise. 

She eventually earned a BA, International Relations. After University, she trained under Taoist masters in Taiwan for nearly three years, developing a fluency in geomancy, painting, and Mandarin Chinese. Witnessing the devastating deforestation of Western China, she set out to work to repair the earth. 

She was offered a position with the U.S. Peace Corps to create community reforestation projects in Ghana. An exhausting and exhilarating two years of work  established  pilot programs which eventually resulted in the planting of eleven million trees. 

She returned to the US with infections damaging both eyes, which led to what the doctors considered to be incurable blindness. For sixteen months she lived in near total darkness in the forest of Northern Arizona at age 26. There she learned to live within her capabilities, attuning herself to the ways of nature, finding ways to walk and move about, allowing all of her senses to guide her. 

As she went from one medical expert to another she vowed to paint full time if her eyesight returned, and it miraculously did with the help of healers. Remaining connected to this love, this peace, this wholeness became the central focus of her life.  

She attended art classes at University of California, Santa Cruz, reacquainting herself with her inborn gifts. Her blindness had created new neural pathways in her, and she was creating a visual language of multiple sensory input. 

In 1999 she first visited India. Taking a place in Mumbai, she painted a series which funded her stay in the Indian Himalayas for the next seven years. Staying in ashrams, caves, and hermitages, she devoted herself to spiritual practices and studies, particularly those involving art making as meditation. Frequently, she would go into silent retreat for months at a time. She walked hundreds of kilometers and slept in forests or stayed up through the night in cremation grounds.  

Kumari works as a studio artist around the world and maintains a studio in Pune, India, interspersed with retreats to her beloved Himalayas. She has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions in Israel, India, and the USA. She has taught meditation in Russia, Turkey, Germany, Holland, Bali, Thailand, India, and the USA. Through her work with the International Roerich Memorial Trust, she received the Pax Cultura Prize. 

She conducts private counselling sessions and facilitates group workshops. Now her path has taken her to Khao Tao where she will offer her consultations during specific weeks.

1. landscape painting

You’ll explore a deep meditative and creative session where nature guides you to the most amazing creations.

2. nature meditation and other meditation technics

When Kumari was blind she developed a deep understanding of sound. When she got her sight back she kept exploring ancient and new meditation technics around the world. She will guide you through the many for you to pick which one you find serves best for each moment.

3. clearings with Kumari

These amazing sessions are based on muscle testing, hypnosis and more. It takes you back in time to clear anything that might obstruct your flow that you probably aren’t fully aware of. It’s can’t be described, it has to be experienced. She will use the method your body prefers and the only way to find out is to test.