Does it matter if her flight wasn’t real?

I don’t believe it was only a nightmare. I think in the case of Dorothy in the epic Wizard of Oz movie, there’s more to understand about her journey than blaming bad behavior. In this sense at Olive we believe you, and we want to understand the source of your suffering, whatever it is.

Your body is your greatest teacher. Your suffering is not an accident and it’s not a mistake. It’s the source of all your answers. Follow it, like Dorothy followed the yellow brick road home.

The strange creatures and even stranger experiences along the way are not simply your imagination gone wrong. The Wizard of Oz is considered one of the greatest cinematic expressions in history, and that just from the imagination of one young, vulnerable mind.

Your feelings are real. Share them with us. They contain the seeds of revolution.

I have never learned so much in so short a time as I did with Cristina and Ray during those 3 weeks I spent in the jungle hanging out. I feel better about my life and my future. Great in fact!
— TF
I honestly had almost given up getting over my physical and psychological illnesses but I can honestly say I reallu truly feel and believe I can be whole again. More than I was before
— K