Mind Detox Dialogue

The O·live 8 Life Detox Dialogue has been referred to as the “incredible ethos” behind pretty much all we do at Olive Retreat. It is based upon eight propositions derived from well established conclusions in the physical and social sciences and humanities, while at the same time corresponding loosely to a variety of Buddhist teachings being employed in the modern world with great health results. We combine meditation with a fresh look at ourselves in light of modern thought, the best vegan diet, yoga, and exercise toward an experience that is not only physically and emotionally therapeutic, but will lead you to a healthier version of the self than you could have ever imagined. More.

The O·live 8

  • Properties, not principles (cultural relativism + (smidgen of special and general relativity))

  • You are a process (evolutionary theory)

  • Body chemistry is boss (basic bio-chemistry)

  • Humans are just another species (physical/biological anthropology)

  • Words are like maps (socio-linguistics)

  • Become better than "God" (political philosophy)

  • Imagination is the first solution (creativity & creative studies)

  • “Have faith, everything's going to be ok” (outcome of the first 7)

Feel f’ Real

Feel f' Real is a method we’ve developed to help build awareness in you, by you. You’ll learn discover, feel and ultimate acknowledge the validity of all your feelings, the good, the bad, the happy, the excruciating - all of them. All of them are what makes you unique in the world, and learning to feel and understand them first, and then find means of channeling them into healthy action has proven to heal the deepest of wounds and create the most fulfilling of lives.


Sometimes we need to go a little further east, or west if you start from here in Khao Tao, Thailand. Chakra derives from an Indo-European base meaning turn, and we think of it as turning our worlds around, and around, and of course, around. This very special sensitivity is designed to explore your own inner healing powers through the best of ancient and modern methods and traditions combined. In addition to the usual O·Live program, you’ll work with all your senses to liberate your self - your cells, mind and soul - from all sorts of energetic and chemical negativity.