Pre-Retreat Guide for Spain

Dear Guest,

We are delighted to welcome you to our Body & Mind Detox Retreat in Spain. Below you will find the instructions to finalise your reservation, and some important information to read through before your visit.


If you haven't completed your reservation already, you will receive a separate email with that in mind.


If you haven't already, please email your flight details to so that we can arrange the transfer time from Málaga airport. When we have everyone’s details, we will confirm the exact pick-up time — usually around 4-5 pm, when all flights have arrived.

Please let us know if your flight is delayed. One piece of luggage per person is all we can fit in the car (you don’t need more).

Keep Cristina’s number handy: +34 619120195 (by phone or what's app)


The meeting point for the pick-up is by GAMBRINUS cafe, just outside the Arrival Hall. Please read this part carefully:

1. After you collect your bags at Malaga Airport, follow the exit signs into the waiting lobby, and stop there momentarily. Look around.

2. Go outside to the right as the signs direct people. You will see the Gambrinus cafe to your right. Wait by the corner of the cafe, facing the exit doors.

3. If you arrive early just relax, you'll soon be picked up. Someone from Olive, or a driver will be there to meet you at the pick up time.

4. Because cars are not allowed to park there you will follow the drivers instructions after you meet to get to the parked car. Also please present yourself, and make sure it is our transfer!

NOTE: Waiting for a pick-up after a long day of travel can be stressful, so take it easy, relax and breathe. Maybe you’ll want to have your last coffee for the week :)

Soon you’ll be with us.

If you arrive early you can take a cab, bus or train to Málaga, only 10 minutes away. It’s worth seeing the pedestrian old town, the old Moorish market and the Picasso museum. Make sure to come back for the transfer. 


Please print the health questionnaire by clicking on the button below.

Please fill it in and bring it to the retreat. We need it for your health assessment when you arrive. If you have any allergies or intolerances, or take more than 3 medications, please let us know beforehand.


We will be discussing the Body Detox Dialogue and the OO8 Mind Detox Dialogue in our daily classes. You can find them at the bottom of this page. If you can, bring these materials either printed or on your mobile device or laptop. If you have time go ahead and start reading them now, but it's not necessary. Bring any questions you might have.


- Travel light! You won’t need more than leisure clothes
- Trainers for walks and hikes
- Clothes for leisure, yoga & exercise
- Sun cream, in case you need it
- Personal toiletries (see below)
- Earplugs to sleep if you are sensitive
- Warm clothes for chilly mornings and evenings
- Cash for extra massages if you wish (one is included. Additional massages are €60)
- Pen and paper to take notes
- Last but not least, ALL the questions you might have

For the Chakra Detox Classes

Additional and optional, for those that are ready for a deeper cleanse at the Chakra Detox classes; please bring a headlamp, a small hand mirror, a preferred natural massage oil (face and body) and preferred essential oil, an A4-size sketch book, your three favorite color crayons, an amulet of any sort that you love and carry with you (it could be anything.)

For the Vedic Art you can bring your favorite (non-smelly, non-toxic) water based colors or buy what you need at cost from us (€5). 

Please bring your devices to download tests, and for reading or taking notes. Apart from that we will ask you to kindly leave them in your rooms, and let your family and work know you are busy.  Also, please make sure to bring problems of all sorts, including unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, anger and despair. We love them all.



Work (there’s no Internet in the rooms) 
- Perfume, smelly conditioner, shampoo, sprays or other
- Perfumed cosmetics
- Nail polish or remover
- Clothes washed with excessive detergent or softeners that off gas (if they smell) and which interfere with the detox and your endocrine system. Your sense of smell, taste, etc, will improve with this detox.
- You don’t want snacks, drugs, etc, that could disturb the detox
- We provide towels
- Travel light, you won’t need much and we can only take 1 bag each for the transfer


Check the weather for your week. We are up in the mountain with a high clean air, so you could need a sweater, sports socks or scarf during the morning meditation.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Skype: cristina.olive.retreat
Call: +34619120195

Take great care, bring all your questions, what ever they might be, and we'll do everything we can to advice.

Looking forward to great talks 😃

See you all very soon!

Cristina, Ray, and the Olive Team 

Olive Retreat | Body Detox Guide

Body Detox Guide

Know what healthy means to you, and be it.

Your body is the best pharmacy you'll ever have. Unless you're suffering from a severe illness, no expert in the world can know better than your own body what it needs to be healthy, or what health is for you. 

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