SPAIN Spring & Autumn


SPAIN Spring & Autumn



5 Days / 4 Nights
Single room: €1590 pp
Double/Twin room: €1190 pp 

7 Days / 6 Nights
Single room: €1900 pp
Double/Twin room: €1500pp 

10% off 2nd week, 20% off 3rd week.

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Reserve your space with a deposit. You will then receive a confirmation, and later a mail with information about the retreat and final payment options, due 10 days before arrival. If you book late you can pay in full too.

We offer an open schedule (see recommendations below) with a rolling program so you can come when you want. But if you fly in we recommend you join a Sunday.

Check-in is usually from ~15.00 & check-out by ~11.00

Sept-March 2019
See Thailand Dates


September 18 - October 30


May 1 - June 30


Minimum stay 4 nights.
The longer you stay the better the detox. Recommended start day: Sunday 

For all rooms a non-refundable deposit of €444, is due to reserve your space. The final payment, due 10 days prior to arrival, is 30% refundable in case of emergency. This is applied to the final payments only, without discounts. You can in case of emergency save 80% of your payment for a another stay within a year from the booked retreat. Let us know if you need more time. Everything can be solved to benefit all. Just talk to us!

• Accommodation types: There are two options. You can either have a room all to yourself (single room) or share a room with someone you know (double/twin room). In Spain we work with several venues. There is a mix of pictures in all the galleries. In Spain we only operate with rented venues. Please inquire if you have particular needs/wants. Everything can be arranged with time.

• Currency: Our website lists prices in local currencies depending on your destination. You may use a credit card or Paypal account. Charges will automatically be converted into your currency by your bank. We use the converter for any conversion of currencies. Final payments are due 10 days before arrival and we'll send you a mail on payment options. We operate in several currencies and conversation is automatic to the daily exchange rate. 

• Discounts: If you have a discounted price, the total amount will be discounted to your final payment, but the deposit is the same for everyone in both countries. The full payment is due 10 days before arrival. If you book late please pay the full amount.


The classes/consultations offered by Olive Retreat Nutrition and Health Advisors are not intended to replace a medical diagnose, treatment or relationship with your health care providers.  Our classes/recommendations are not intended as medical advice. They are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information about a healthy lifestyle, from our education, research and experience. The information and service provided is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you suspect you or any other person may have a health problem, you should consult your/their G.P. before the consultation or class.

Included in every Olive Retreat

  • Accommodation in a Spanish Cortijo (single or double/twin room) no further than 1,5h from the airport

  • Airport transfer/round trip (1 medium size suitcase)

  • Book downloads: Health Booklet + O8 Mind Detox Dialogue + Yoga Manual + Cook Book + more

  • Pre-retreat Health Questionnaire and a personal assessment upon arrival (incl. Metabolic type/Dosha)

  • Personalised, gentle detox program with one-one sessions depending on your wish

  • Personal health recommendations upon departure

  • All detoxing food and drinks, snacks, spiced teas, waters, herbs, etc

  • Daily Yoga/stretching + meditation + breathing (Pranayamas)

  • Daily body detox classes/dialogues + 'mindy' exercises based on the latest science

  • Daily mind detox classes/dialogues + meditation techniques + exploring exercises

  • Daily chakra detox classes/dialogues + meditation techniques + creative art + acupressure exercises

  • Personalised meditation and mindfulness techniques in group and one-one sessions

  • Cooking/baking classes

  • Daily anaerobic and aerobic exercise in pristine nature

  • 1 energy massage for enhanced detox (more can be provided payed in cash)

  • A facial with all natural products that will make you sparkle (only on the 7 or more days retreat)

  • 24h staff at venue and lots of time to talk

  • Two months “back-home-support”, or more if you need

  • A gift to remember your life-transforming retreat

Everything is optional, depending on your level of desired involvement. So there is never any pressure.

Not included: Flight tickets, domestic transfers, personal insurance, extra treatments.

Questions are always welcome and are always good. What's on your mind?