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"Mind Blowing Epic Adventure"


"The Ultimate Guide for All Entrepreneurs"

A must read for all the entrepreneurs, omnipreneurs, innovators, imaginators, dic(k)tators, renovators, communicators, directors, masturbators, infiltrators, officiators, and all others who wear clothes that don’t feel good and who want see change in their lives and the lives of others.

“O”ne of the best books I’ve ever read"

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Competitive societies are seldom happy societies. 8 dialogues, 8 varnished propositions offered in a enchanting mesmerising writing to how a new version of God could perform in us, for us, and lead us in the 21st century. Download The Latest Version of God on Amazon


Olive Retreat Class Material


Mind Detox Dialogue - Feel Your Feelings & Pick Your Thinking

Eight dialogs to “detox” your mind and figure it all out. Our sessions are based on 8 principles, needless to say the Principle #1 being:

  • There are no Principles.

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Body Detox Guide - A Health Guide to Connect

Know what healthy means to you, and be it. Your body is the best pharmacy you'll ever have. Unless you're suffering from a severe illness, no expert in the world can know better than your own body what it needs to be healthy, or what health is for you. 

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Olive Retreat Health Guide Vegan Vegetarian Healing Remedy Guidelines

Olive Retreat Mind Vegan Cookbook Chef Plant Based Vegetarian Recipes

Olive Retreat Plant-Based Cookbook

Recipes to transform fresh food ingredients into the most nutritious, beautiful and tasty meals possible.

Olive Retreat food has been described as awesome, amazing, incredible, nurturing, and art. Do we have to say that it’s clean and of course vegan. The best food for Humans, the Globe …and the animals!

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