Question the Cliches we die by

Why you might ask.

Because they don't work, at least not always and for all. They are even making many unhealthy and, maybe the most important they are unquestioned.

Question everything to understand the implications they have on you and how to use them wisely. Like food, exercise or work, sayings/cliches/affirmations either nurture the mind or enslaves it. Our tips is the always ask Why! Repeatedly.

Here are some: 

Let go! 
How many times haven't you heard someone or yourself tell you you have to Let Go. We think that if you could let go you would have.

Be strong!
What is strong? How can you be strong if you don't know what makes you strong and what it is. We think weak is the strong, and strong is the weak.

Be positive! 

Does that mean that I can't talk about my suffering and pain? if that's the case it's really stupid as a method and the user of this cliche will probably have to do the same mistake. We say figure it out, think, meditate on it. And learn. 

Life is tough!

Yes sometimes, but sometimes it's nice, and other times boring or fun. Life is everything and no part is better or less. On part gives the other and can't be untangled.

Follow your heart!

Why the heart?, why not the liver or the lung? I get it, the heart is representing the feeling, fare enough, but so many would probably feel better to not feel in every moment of their life, but make a plan, or both. We are all different, and at different times we need more brain, and sometimes more heart. We say; observe. Then we ask Who (not What) do you want to be and why. 

 You can do it!

The only one served by this lie is Nike. Of course you can't do anything, of course you can't be anyone. Common, where is the reasoning, and why are we so afraid of admitting our limitations? Doesn't that just make us more humble and greateful for who we are and what we can be and drop our entitlement?  

Love is the only way?

Before you go any further figure out what is love. It's one of the most frequently used but still most users has not reflected upon what the mean.