Our O·rigin is Spain and Old Home

The most awesome thing about Olive is you two and the fact that you’re intelligent and compassionate beings that live and breathe everything you believe in and teach. I find it so inspiring that you have had a vision and created this haven, every day working to realise it further, and choose to share your journey with so many people.
Your kindness is unrivaled. I feel so healthy, my gut hasn’t ever been this good. Amazing!
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At O·live Retreat you’ll learn how to take care of your mind and body (it’s so easy once you learn how). Then we begin an internal dialogue that will ultimately illuminate the miracle of your own life, and just how many possibilities there are for you to see and feel that on a deep and fundamental level, and grow a new and fascinating world around it, as you want it.

You can book a minimum of 4 nights (5 days) or stay as long as you want. The longer the better results, although on a the thinking part it can take a millisecond to change your life, the body needs time. We start with the gut, the lining changes every four days so the minimum stay is 4 nights. The mind can’t be healthy without the body, or can the body stay healthy without a healthy mind . It’s all connected, all is O·ne, with the outside as with the inside.

Questions will arise, answers will be found. You will be guided through evolution and ask questions like “Why is it that we struggle with ourselves, and often do what feels unhealthy, oppressive and even abusive to us when there’s so much we can do that feels good, but don’t know how to see (feel?) it, or do it?” These types of questions are explored in our Mind Detox class, based on the world of philosophy, social and natural sciences.

Feel f' Real and Creative Karma Cleanse are the two main methods we use to figure it all out and get to where we want to be, even if we might not know where that is now. We leave the outcome un-defined and full of possibility, and in so doing trust the natural creative process that life is.

Gracias for everything Cristina! I had such an amazing week and I have learnt loads. You and Ray have inspired me so much and you are both wonderful humans so thank you.

Mind & Body Detox Retreats

Our unique program combine the best of modern science and ancient theory to help you join those parts of yourself that aren't communicating effectively. This helps you to become more aware of your choices and options in the modern, often un-natural and un-healthy world, and live more healthily and happily as a result. It's all about getting to know your best friends again - your body and mind. For us they are O·ne.

At no point do we focus singularly on the body (mass) or the mind (vibrational). At no point in life are they separate, something we will prove in class using modern science. You will explore your inner healing power through proven methods, some ancient like the Yoga, Mediterranean, Chinese, American and Tantric traditions, and more modern, like bio-chemistry or neuro-immunology. It will help you understand and benefit from the forces we all have around and in us (such as Prana, the Kundalini force, and gravity) in the exact portions adapted to your genetic matrix and your needs in certain environments. You (body and mind) cooperate with your environment all the time. The question is, how?

Last but not least, you will observe and dissolve karmic loads (history) toward enhancing your health and therefore life force (Prana), in your previous, present and future lives, and those of your children and other generations. You'll feel it, see it, hear it and stay in it.

Seriously. It works, we have done it for years.

“Hugely transformative...intelligent, happy, informed & fun.”
— Liza


We work with several venues which we have chosen on very particular criteria suitable for a good detox. More important than the sofa or the cutlery, we check the the air, the water and the sources of vegetables and fruit. All venues offer pristine nature for walks and picnics. The picture is taken at the Horse Venue, a 17th century reformed farm we use for larger groups. All are carefully picked venues to serve us depending on the size of the group and the time of the year. The kitchen is the most important room for us, and of course the mountains.

All our venues lie around the national parks in Andalusia, where the air and water are still so clean that threatened spices like the Imperial Eagle and the Leonado Vulture can live and bread. That’s the best sign of a good place to detox! The produce for our award-winning food is locally sourced farmers in the Guadalhorce Valley, from which organic food is supplied to many European supermarkets. To our taste, the area produces the best olive oil and olives in the world, probably also the best tomatoes (12 types), watermelons, celery, onion, garlic, leak, beans, peppers, garbanzos, lentils, oranges, lemons, nisperos, peaches, walnuts, almonds....too. 

Soulful food, beautifully wild surroundings and lots of love and support – Thank you for helping me to love and find myself.
— Daisy from Condé Nast Traveller

Learn to Really Listen & Trust Your Body 

Our goal is to share our knowledge of how the body and mind work, how they are connected, and how, when aligned, can lead you to better health. All we teach has been taught to us, nothing new, yet we have composed it in a very successful program.

We have helped people with the following:

  • Yoga and stretching

  • Breathing correctly

  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness

  • Weight-loss and obesity

  • Food allergies and sensitivities

  • Relationships; getting in and getting out

  • Meditation, de-stress and relaxation

  • Performance and creativity

  • Happiness and peace of mind

  • Career and life choices

  • Nutrition and cooking

  • Inflammation-based disease (all!) and disorders

Another massive “thank you” to you both. No panic attacks very little anxiety. I’m doing amazingly well.
— T

All our retreats offer the most healthy lifestyle options for modern people. Nothing extreme, just healthy. We base our knowledge on the latest science and ancient wisdom, we read and study, try new ideas all the time so that you can get it from us as given to us. You’ll try very cool exercises that everyone can fit into their lives back home. We teach, you decide what you want.


One-on-One Sessions  

Cristina gives individualized sessions based upon her 25+ years of education and experience in Ayurveda and Orthomolecular Medicine. Learn important aspects of your body, how your unique chemistry affects the way you live, and how to create healthy habits that will improve your vitality.

"I have had a most enlightening week. I came not knowing what to expect and I am leaving feeling more in charge of my life and a great deal healthier."

— Ena

A flexible and strong body is a healthy body.
— Cristina in class

Yoga & Breathing

Careful and mindful stretching like yoga enhances the detox process in a natural, healthy way.  

Every morning we start our Body & Mind Detox Retreat with a mindful yoga class tailored just for you. All levels of experience are welcome, from beginners to intermediate and advanced. We also offer an Ashtanga session in the afternoon for those that want. In all cases yoga sessions are followed by relaxation and breathing exercises. Everything is planned for you to find a practice you can continue at home. We include key acupressure points for self-healing.

Yoga/stretching, vegan food, meditation and exercise is so proven, over proven, and proven again to be important for anyone wanting to stay healthy. Most of you know that, we show you how to do it, and live it.

Interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher? We offer Teachers training in Thailand. Let us know.

"Love yourself and listen to you — I've learned that at Olive Retreat."

— Janna, reporter from Munich


Meditation & Mind Detox

Mediation boosts our immune systems, raises our energy levels, alleviates or eliminates anxiety and depression, raises our sense of self esteem, helps us make decisions, brings peace and tranquility, clears our minds, boosts creativity - and more. Who wouldn't want that?

At a Body & Mind Detox Retreat we review and practice various forms of meditation to find which one works best for you. Join us and learn about meditation and how meditation can help improve your life in so many ways.

"I promise to take the knowledge + inspiration you have given me + use it to make some important changes in my life."

— Kim

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A flexible mind is a healthy mind. So stretch it.
— Ray
Why vegan? Because 50 yrs of independent science says it’s the healthiest. I tried it and I agree.
— Cristina in class

We Love Food

Food is important, but it's not only about what we eat but how we eat it. We teach you all about it and our delicious, nutrient-packed, vegan meals (no refined, no sugar, no gluten, no yeast, etc.) heal.

Why vegan? Because it's simply the healthiest food. You won't be hungry, tired or sluggish. Our food will give you energy and health, not steel it. 

We teach you to read your own body, find reliable information and how to cook to maximise your health. You will be delighted by our price winning food, we promise, and you'll get our cook book and more to continue back home. Read what our guests say

At a recent retreat in Spain, we hosted one of the food critics for The Independent who specialises in French food and wine. She said that her week with us was “the best food week of my life.” She healed and felt great. Enough said by us, for more read our testimonials.

"…filled with the most delicious food —my diet and kitchen will be forever transformed — safe guidance, support and a world of knowledge."

— Coco


Sleep and Exercise

Our main O·live venues are found by national parks or protected “Rustico” areas like in Sierra de las Nieves, the national park near Málaga. Nestled in rolling olive fields, their tranquility, comfort, clean air and pristine nature make them perfect settings for exercise and sleeping, that go hand in hand and are vital factors in a healthy and detoxing lifestyle.

Whatever exercise you prefer there are both anaerobic and aerobic classes nestled into our daily program.

Read more about our venue and the nature waiting for you.


Open Dialogue and O•8

Each day, we spend time talking through life's mysteries using 8 propositions we have developed to guide our discourse. Add to that the opportunity for one-on-one with Cristina and Ray, who have worked with governments, companies and individuals across the globe. It all adds up to the transformative Olive Retreat program where coaching is offered for all who want to experience a change in any area of their lives.

"Thank you for caring and looking after us all and helping us to reflect on ourselves and our choices in life."

— Cary & Jason


Evenings with the Stars

After dinner, for those that want, we close each day with an interactive, creative session. If the weather is nice we walk up on the mountain to meet the stars or the moon in the fresh air.A head massage with a few individualized acupressure points that really heal (honestly!), a guided meditation, an exploration within and without, but mostly without and always so that you get your best rejuvenating sleep. 

"Dreamy for life!"


Everything Included

We prefer to make it easy for both you and us. Everything is included!

  • 7 (or 4) nights accommodation in single or double/twin room

  • 24 h staff; we are always there for you

  • Pick-up transfer from Malaga airport around 5 pm (please book your flights accordingly)

  • Transfer back to Malaga airport (please book your flights at around 10 am)

  • Books: Body detox + OO8 Mind detox + Yoga manual described in detail + more

  • Health assessment (extensive Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)

  • Personalised detox program

  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, no gluten, no sugar, no refined food (don't worry, you won't be hungry!)

  • 1 massage to enhance your detox (more can be provided)

  • Daily availability of snacks

  • Individualised approach to individual issues

  • Unlimited detoxing herbal teas and spiced waters according to your specific needs

  • Daily Body & Mind health class/dialogue/talks

  • One-on-One sessions

  • Cooking, chocolate making, smoothies & baking classes

  • All liquid day(s) with digestive flush if applicable

  • 2 daily classes of Yoga, Pranayamas and Meditation

  • Daily individualised aerobic exercise in amazing nature (see pictures)

  • Daily meditations (guided and non-guided)

  • A gentle facial class with natural substances ( 7 days)

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Plenty of time and space to relax, talk and enjoy

  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health)

  • Post-retreat support and follow-ups

  • A small gift for you to remember a life transforming week

  • For more, see our FAQ

(You only have to book your flight or other transport and get a travel insurance if applicable for you. Please compare our price considering we include everything. We know it is not the best pricing but we think it's easiest for both you and us !)

We are happy to send you more pictures, let us know what you want to see, here are just a few.

Daily Schedule - Timing is loose and weather dependent. 

Activities are optional, you don't have to do anything. If you come to relax and sleep that's what you need. 

07:00 Yoga/healthy stretching to get your detox going, Pranayamas & Meditation.
08:00 Breakfast; a protein boost for the hungry, a pleasure for the body and the mind.
10:00 Body & Mind Health Dialogue/Class; to make friends with your body.
13:00 Lunch; from nature to nurture with all the spectra of light from the source. 
14:00 – 17:00 Free time/energy massages/one-to-ones/walks & hikes/special activities/etc.
17:00 Body/Mind/Chakra Detox Dialogue to figure things out.
18:00 Exercise; to fill you with the mountains, the animals, the forests, and astonishing views.
19:30 Dinner; to calm our senses and prepare for the beauty(full) sleep.
21.00 Evening activity; we just hang out, see a movie or go for a guided tour into the subconscious. 

The retreat starts with dinner around 19.00 on the arrival day and ends no later 15.00 on the departure day. If your flights are booked differently that's OK too, let us know to make a plan for you.

This is one of the first videos we did. It still reflects the vibe of us, we still have the same offer but the only difference is that it’s deeper, more and better, as you can see by the quotes a little bit everywhere on the site. *this venue is no longer rented.

A Detox for Your Body & Mind

We see small miracles taking place every day. The transformations our guests experience in just a couple days are what makes us so passionate about what we do. Our guests leave feeling transformed, or rather they discover who they really are again, for many it is a feeling of ‘coming home' and getting to know and old friend, themselves. They leave looking great.

Let us guide you to a healthier, more enhanced lifestyle as you dream and define it. Click the button below to learn more about the different dates and reserve your place today!

I looked at a million sites but yours looked authentic and real. My intuition was right. See you in Thailand this winter. Gracias amigos
— David

Unforgettable, just LOVED it
WOW! What an AMAZING week. I have loved every moment from Saturday to Saturday. This place has been life changing for me, enlightening in many subjects, especially food - it was Divine! So happy to have met you and my “DREAM TEAM” - what fun we had.
— Deborah
The staff, the food, the place! Absolutely A-MAZING!
— Claire


Wherever you come from, whatever you come with, and whatever familiarity you have with meditation, yoga, vegan food — you are always welcome to any Olive Retreat. A clear mind and fit body in our view provide the best foundation for making the right long-term choices in any situation life may offer.

What is a Detox

The staff of Olive Retreat is continuously studying the latest research, science, nutrition and the environment. We have found that since 1940, over 90,000 synthetic chemicals have been added to our environment — and only a small percentage of these have been tested for their health impacts! Many are dangerous, carcinogenic, mutagenic, and endocrine disrupters. These chemicals affect us when interacting with the environment, they affect our bodies, our organs — even our brains.

Olive Retreat has strategies to dealing with the toxicity of the modern world. When we become healthier, our imbalances dissipate. Many diseases, allergies, worries, pain, sleep problems, general low energy, obesity, anxiety, depression are symptomatic of an unhealthy environment, diet, and habits. When we detox through healthy food, correct breathing, meditation, stretching and exercise, we come into greater contact with our bodies — and our bodies and minds are the best experts and pharmacies we have.

I promise to take the knowledge + inspiration you have given me + use it to make some important changes in my life.
— Kim

Your detox will combine a variety of activities customized to be accessible to you, and tailored to your needs. We offer health classes based on scientific studies. Olive's famously delicious all-vegan pure food with spices and herbs enhance the detox and makes eating a pure pleasure. It all works together to boost your metabolism, your creativity and much more.

Everything we do is designed specifically to enable your body and mind to cleanse naturally and gently, in a way that is best for you. For example, not everyone is suited for an all-liquid juice detox, intense meditation, exercise or complicated yoga postures, but together with our team we find what is the most efficient and gentle process to produce the best results for you. We love that we are all different.

Returning Home is Critical

At an Olive retreat we give you the opportunity to try it all and the freedom to pick the parts you believe will fit into your life once you get back home. That's why an Olive Retreat offers a voluntary follow-up program through which we keep in touch and work with you after your departure.