I just wanted to say that the week I spent with you all has really changed my life. Which sounds like a cliche and something I never thought would come out of my mouth but it’s true. I feel different, happier and calmer. I feel a bit more like myself...
— Milly

The Best of all Worlds

In Spain we retreat to explore ourselves.  In Thailand we we get out to explore the universe. We "re-orient" our thoughts to combine the best of all worlds - nature, village life, beaches, mountains and forests to enhance the body-mind detox process and we have lots of fun. Olive Thailand is totally unique, leaving guests with a renewed sense of the possible and new friends, by the time they leave. 

Thank you for the most amazing time this week. It has been wonderful, revelatory and just the most perfect end to 205 days of travelling. It has also been the best camping experience ever! Stars, comfy sleeps and cold showers next to the jungle!! All amazing.
— Amy

Old problems require new solutions

In Khao Tao we find an opportunity to heal that doesn't involve pretending, pushing ourselves, or faking it until we make it. The village and its beaches and nature preserves offer a worldview unaffected by the view of life behind much of our suffering.

Imagination is the first solution, and Khao Tao offers us that, and more.


Feeling so alive and full of love, thanks my friends.
— John
Thanks for an endless adventure and your unconditional kindness, love and support. Hanging in the shala, testing healthy spice-coffee recipes and coming up with monkey strategies will be sorely missed. Lots of love! Enjoy the stars for me ✨✨✨
— K

parts of a healthy lifestyle - we just put it all together in a great program 


Mediation boosts our immune systems, raises our energy levels, alleviates or eliminates anxiety and depression, raises our sense of self esteem, helps us make decisions, brings peace and tranquility, clears our minds, boosts creativity – and more!

At a Thailand Mind-Body Detox Retreat we review and practice various forms of meditation to find which one works best for you. Join us and learn about meditation and how meditation can help improve your life in so many ways, while at the same time, making you eternal.

"I get it now, it wasn't wrong with me. I just did it wrongly.  I'll definitely continue now." — Andy
"The concept of Karmentum did it for me. How can I thank you enough?"  - Mary

Yoga & Pranayamas

Yoga (see it as stretching if you'd like) enhances the detox process in a natural, healthy way. A flexible body is more likely to be a happy body. We aslo teach the Ashtangas, the 8 limbs of Yoga, that makes it so much more than a physical exercise, and that's when students often 'get it', to ultimately use the body to meditate, with no competition, no struggle, just observation. That's Healing!

Every morning we start the day with a sunrise yoga at the beach. We adapted to your needs, flexibility and strength. All levels of experience are welcome - from beginners to intermediate and even advanced. All sessions are followed by breathing exercises, or Pranayamas, and meditation or relaxation. Extra afternoon sessions are offered for those who want.

"Can you believe I do yoga, and I love it. I found a perfect group next to my home. None of that bullshit look good yoga, just regular yoga" — Daniel, 6 months after the retreat.



Food is very important, but it's not only about food. We serve a delicious, homemade, nutrient-packed, plant-based diet as nature produced it (non refined) without sugar, gluten, yeast, etc. Why only plants? Because it's simply the best detox. You won't be hungry, tired or sluggish. We teach you to read your own nature, your body, to restore and maximise your health. You will be delighted by the food, we promise, read what the media said.

At a recent retreat, we hosted one of the food critics for The Independent who specializes in French food and wine. She said that her week with us was “the best food week of my life.”  Enough said.

"So beautiful and unusual. So easy to forget what I thought would never leave me." — J.B.A


You have questions and we have more questions. Each day we choose a beautiful setting and engage in stimulating dialogues about topics as varied as the science of nutrition to what thoughts hold us back from experiencing contentment and peace, energy and creativity. Old problems require new solutions and we believe in the importance of discussion for leading us to our own unique and deeper truths. One thing we can promise - you'll figure it out. 

"Now suddenly it all makes so much more sense. For the first time in a long time I feel I can do things I always dreamed of." —Susan
I can’t believe I slept the whole night. I haven’t done that in 2 years.
— Mary


Well of course! We all know that our nature is to "exercise", but do you know why? It's not only to get a strong heart muscle and a healthy respiratory system, it's also about the hormones, the micro-biome, your liver detox and to give yourself a chance to be happy and at peace.

The difference is that  we integrate it in all we do so that you won't even notice that you have done it. We bike to the village to get mangoes, we hike up the mountain for a sunset meditation, we explore the temple on the hill, or you might like shopping at the evening market, run at the beach, or swim after the morning yoga. Whatever you like is what you are going to do. We help you find out what you like.

I have no idea what got me to book, but I’m so glad I did. I feel alive again.
— Maria

Sleep Perfection

Sleep is detoxing, more so when the air is fresh, and the lullaby of the jungle cicadas, ocean waves and village life is uninterrupted. Thailand is the prefect climate for living and sleeping outdoors. We have created Prana Pods for the perfect sleeping experience. Every night there is a slight breeze, and every nuance of it cascades through our high strength, lightweight design. You won't miss a breath, a sound, a subtlety. Nothing stands between you and nature but a few millimeters of sturdy screen.

The inner sleeping unit slides out for amazing moon and star gazing on the many strikingly clear nights, and on those occasions when it rains, slides back in in a matter of seconds. The functionality of the unit also allows greater floor space for naps, yoga, meditating, reading, hanging out, or just surfing the web. Up to you. Enjoy 


This video will give you an idea of what to expect from an Olive Retreat.

*This venue is no longer in use, and it is made some time ago :)

Get Healthier

Olive Retreat Thailand has helped people in the following areas:

  • De-stress and relaxation
  • Performance
  • Creativity
  • Self-care and kindness
  • Career and life choices
  • Nutrition and cooking
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness, loss
  • Addiction
  • Weight-loss and obesity
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Inflammation, disease and disorders
  • Relationships; getting in and getting out
  • Breathing correctly
  • Living ans seeking the 'truth'

At Olive Retreat Thailand you can chose to sleep in a tent at our jungle camp site next to a national park, with all its adventures, or you can sleep in a private Thai Hut. Both are located 5 minutes from the beach and the village.


Ask us anything

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I loved nature from before, I knew that, but at Olive I learned to love myself.
— Jana

Olive Retreat Thailand is part of  Khao Tao Group. We co-create with NGO's, temples and local companies to help and support each other in any way we can, and to enhance your re-orienting experience. Don't worry, we got you covered from real to proverbial door.

From January 2017 we offer special classes for Cooking, Yoga and Creativity. Check out the dates at our booking page. We truly hope to see you in the beautiful village of Khao Tao, with all its pristine nature around it.


Sunset at the beautiful beach Sai Noi, just a skip through the forest from us. Here is where we sometimes do yoga, swim, meditate, walk, our just hang out. Climb the rocks and go through the temple and you get to the larger beach in Khao Tao.

Both are amazingly free and perfect for contemplation.

All is Included

It's just easier that way, for both you and us, so please consider that when you compare prices to find your retreat.

  • 7 nights accommodation 150 meters to beaches
  • Round-trip transfers from and to the airport (bus) and to an additional cost we arrange a private car
  • In-depth health assessment (Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)
  • Daily Body health classes + Mind health classes
  • One-one sessions, as many as you want
  • Cooking, detoxing drinks and smoothie classes
  • Health booklets, Cookbook, Yoga book and more
  • Daily Yoga/streching classes + Meditation + Pranayamas
  • All detoxing meals: clean, real, vegan, no gluten, no sugar, no refined food (don't worry, you won't be hungry!)
  • Daily availability of detoxing snacks and drinks
  • Staff 24/7
  • All-liquid intermittent fasting day(s) and digestive flush, if suitable for you
  • Daily aerobic + anaerobic exercise in a beautiful nature
  • Daily meditations + techniques (guided and non-guided)
  • Daily pranayamas and meditation techniques
  • Time and space to relax and enjoy and laugh
  • Personal recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health based on your Ayurvedic Dosha and needs)
  • 2 months back-home support
  • A little gift to remember your stay
  • Discounts on future retreats and events



Many of our pictures were taken by Joe Azzaro. See his amazing pictures on Instagram @thesunrisebreakfastclub

Many of our pictures were taken by Joe Azzaro. See his amazing pictures on Instagram @thesunrisebreakfastclub

Another day in paradise.
— Dan M.