*Karma derives from the Sanskrit word, Karman, meaning action, effect, fate.

Karmentum = karma + momentum

Feel your history and trajectory

IT'S IN THE AIr. It's time to act now

We offer a unique method that will create a sublime healing “rLOVEution” within and around you and clean your karmentum and those of future generations.

Important and unique is that this healing is self-driven and self-done as the obstacles to the full realization of your life force (Prana) is detoxed through de-blocking your cells and your Chakras. Starting with the root Chakra, your Kundalini force does the rest by racing up through your tissues and liquids (humours), ultimately reaching full compassion of feelings and thoughts.

Creativity is the first solution. You’ll learn how to feel for real and to achieve the freedom to love your body, mind and spirit. Only then is it possible to truly benefit your thinking, cooperate with your nature, understand the connections and connect body and mind, mass and vibes, inner and outer to reach the full potential of feeling grateful and fulfilled, and be truly kind.


from the heart 💚 exercise to practice

If you join our retreat in the past you might remember the Heart Exercise, no? Now it's time to put it into practice. You will awaken the self-love/respect/confidence, the creative forces you might only have had glimpses of since childhood, and marvel at as the unbelievable becomes believable and real. The rLOVEution is quick as the light it brings and originates from, and wide as the universe it belongs to. All encompassing, connected but free.

Quantum science has caught up with ancient healing techniques to explain how philosophies such as Yoga, Tantra, Sufism, the Sefirot, Ayurveda, etc, were right. Referred to as mysticism up to this day, we still don't know how the Sadhus and Richis achieved such elevated knowledge about the smallest particles and their vibrations several thousands years ago. Only now can they be perceived with advanced technology. However, through years of practice and evidence we knew because it works! Our bodies have always been the best technology for studying creation.

In only a few days you can see and feel the results of these methods. After a few months you can even read it in your palm.

We are excited to invite you to join forces in this magic method if you so wish. For us it’s all natural and obvious. Everything that can be expected and awakening is guaranteed. You will figure it out, and we mean, really figure it out. Patterns will change, family Karma will be released. You will feel free, and so will they. Bring it on, and bring it back home!

Tantric God

Tantric God

 who are you?

This method is offered to those who have already asked existential questions and begun their path towards elevated health, or are at least prepared to dive right into that ocean of creation. If you haven't that's great too! We’ll advise you how to start off and you’ll figure out your “way.” There is no right or wrong in this process, only our bodies (forms) saying yes or no, as they become super sensitive to inputs.

In either case you have been practicing, or considering your own healthy lifestyle for some time, and feel ready to broaden your perspectives and healing path. If you are prepared for the awakening, this magic method will hit you rock hard or light as a feather. Either way you are ready to (trans)(a)scend. It’s very basic but but yet advanced, not a miracle and yet, is.

Olive Retreat, at the Horse Venue, Andalusia

Olive Retreat, at the Horse Venue, Andalusia


You’ll work with all your senses to liberate yourself, cells, mind and soul, from all sorts of energetic and chemical negativity. We go layer per layer, through the cells, organs and chakras. Often they are connected, and we find patterns we couldn't believe were there and forces of infinite potential to be released. Traumas are released on all levels, unconscious or conscious. Like antennas that send and receive information, our environment is constantly communicating with us and we can prepare for the messages that either nurture or block us. 

Learn ancient methods to un-leash your source connection and create a healing environment that originates and springs from You, becomes a reflection of what you "send" and changes everything that is no more serving you in your life. It's a job that can be done only when you have cleared the clutter from both mind and body. It's a healing art to find, feel and get to know - your Prana, (life force). Then, only then are you receiving others’ Prana.

The process is complicated to explain, but once experienced it's easy to practice. Easy and efficient. And silent.

Words are like maps #5

There are no languages that exist without a culture burdening. The inner truth can therefore only be perceived through silence. Nothingness is the ultimate fullness, transparency is the most brilliant of colors. Non-duality is a feeling.

Colors, Yoga, Dialogue, Marma Acupressure, Breathing, Massage, Dialogue, Touch, Imagination, Spices, Aromatic Touches, Theory, Meditations, Pranayamas, Cooking, Sleeping, Muscle tapping, and much more, will de-block and recreate you. Everything we teach can be integrated into a modern lifestyle and practiced back home, and we hope you will spread this amazing knowledge carefully. Our interest lay beyond you and us.

Olive Retreat in Khao Tao, Thailand

Olive Retreat in Khao Tao, Thailand

colors. forms. aromas. sounds. taste.

Nutrition and O creates the whole of You, your organs, your body and your mind. Ultimately all energy comes from the sun, that's what we salute in Yoga. It's all natural science and yet a miracle. Apart from a bunch of new super-cool exercises we do the regular O·live program, this method takes us further and deeper together. The same but different, very different. You will work with your unconscious mind, see the patterns, and the forces behind the conscious.  

For instance, you’ll learn how food is connected to you, how the particles create your organs but also your energy, your relationships, your work performance and your success, which most have no idea about. The latest science is proving the ancient sages of the first civilizations - still integrated in the cycles of nature - to have been right. The force we can get from our surroundings can both give life, or drain it away. Learn how to apply this knowledge in a modern lifestyle. It’s amazing and fun.

We will offer you to cook with us and we'll hand you the tricks and the treats, the colors and sounds, that boost the Prana in the plants that become your cells. Not only is all our food acclaimed, it's easily rustic, filling, awesome to eat and look at. More about veganism and food - blog.

YOGA. PRANAYAMAS. EXERCISE. Meditation. acupressure.

Just as a healthy vegan diet will enhance your life in every category, the physical care of your body and mind will also. Period. Those that neglect themselves will neglect others. Transform to see how a simple No, can be the kindest of all words, and Yes be the cause of suffering. Ditch the cliches and the affirmations, they often cause so much harm.

Female Buddha, National Museum, Bangkok

Female Buddha, National Museum, Bangkok

Once you have tried the exercises offered on an ancient gold plate at this very special retreat, you won't want to stop. The Healing Yoga, with its base in the ancient Vedic and Tantra philosophy - possibly the origins of Yoga - are offered for all levels of flexibility, but this time finalized with the secret Acupressure (Marma) points that will rejuvenate and de-block your karmic stiffness. A regular practice can be done (secretly) anywhere, and will soon release and result in greater flexibility in body and mind. It will easily be noticed in your eyes, skin, hair, posture, mood, just to mention a few.  All this is completed in a meditation to converse with your new self in a caring and loving way. 

Breathing is everywhere, all the time, but during this week noticed, loved, and enhanced. It will connect your pituitary gland (the gland of enlightenment) to the stars and to the moon, the cells and the molecules. All or just one of these practices for a few weeks back home, will bring Prana to you and your relationships in ways that can't be explained in words. Believe us, it works. It has worked for 10.000 years. In our lives too, we practice it daily!

WHEN AND WHERE and how much

We would love to see you there, all of you, to join this rLOVEution, in Thailand at our jungle O-land or at our good old Horse Venue in Andalucia, with its stunning nature and mountains (pictures). It's the perfect setting for some awesome exercises (bring a head lamp :) designed to teach you how to swim the ocean of your subconscious.

Remember, like icebergs most of us is underwater.


Yoga has the physical and spiritual roots in the ancient soil of Tantra, not in the Vedas, as most yoga scholars in the West wants us to believe.

All of the practices known to be Yogic in nature—asanas (physical yoga exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra meditation, kundalini awakening, samadhi (spiritual ecstasy), are Tantric, not Vedic. Hence, Tantra and Yoga are synonymous paths that have had great influence among the great sacred traditions of the East—from Buddhism to Zen, from Jainism to Hinduism.
— Roar Bjonnes


MEDITATION & dialogue

Focused Meditations will be offered to find, observe and heal. In your Vedic Art, Vipanassana, Zen, Vedanta and Tantra Meditations, very specific individualised acupressure points bring clarity. You will find what is to be found for the time being, and heal what is to be healed. Combined with dialogue (participation is by choice) the method is to lightly press and heal, which enhances your rejuvenating and detoxing connection. A self-practice can lead to advanced healing of all health issues.

Bring your favourite acrylics for The Vedic Art Classes, or buy your material from us at cost.  No oil or other toxic paints allowed.

Tantra Acupressure chart

Tantra Acupressure chart

WHY a conversation?

Though traditionally the more reserved of us might sense the Chakra Detox could become a little uncomfortable at times and we admit it's 'hard' work. We are very sensitive to individual learning, and very careful to ensure we all get what we need and want when we are ready, and are not caught in situations we aren't interested in exploring. That's why we prefer to have a conversation with you beforehand on what you expect. 

There's room for everyone at our detox retreats and we have very successfully merged the introvert and extrovert, male and female, Yin and Yang, quiet and exuberant, you name  it, we love it all. Or rather, YOU!




If you read this far you probably want to know what exactly you will have by joining a retreat. Except for a huge energy boost you will also feel:  Peace. Health. Angry at times. Enlightenment. Love. Freedom. Fun. Awakening. Forgiveness. Mindfulness. Happy. Sad at times. Mindlessness. Clarity. Respect. Kindness. Sensitive at times. Care. Understanding. Energy. Wellbeing. Compassion. Wisdom. Awareness. Force. Change. Joy. Weak at times. Healing. Communication. Friendship. Gratitude. Human, and Much More. All this we believe is best explained as You. You will have You.


The same as at other retreats, but with the addition of a headlamp, a small hand mirror, a preferred natural massage oil (face and body) and preferred essential oil, the book you wanted to read but never got to read, an A4-size sketch book, your three favourite color crayons, an amulet of any sort that you love and carry with you (it could be anything.) For the Vedic Art you can bring or buy what you need at cost.

Please bring your devices to download tests, and for reading or taking notes. Apart from that we will ask you to kindly leave them unconnected, and let your family and work know you are busy working on You.

Also, please make sure to bring problems and feelings of all sorts, including unhappiness, fear, anxiety, depression, anger and despair. We love them all.


Apart from the usual, more so this time no perfumed cosmetics, creams or clothes (detergent or softener smells). If you do we will have to rinse them at an additional cost. We also kindly ask you to leave competitiveness, judgment and clichés at home. You won't have any use for them anyway.


Daily Schedule

All activities are optional, you don't have to do anything. The Schedule is set depending on the wishes expressed by the participants.

07:00 Chakra healing yoga/stretching Pranayamas &  AcuPoint/Healing/Tapping, Meditation

08:00 Protein boosted breakfast/ a pleasure for the body and the mind.

10:00  Chakra Detox Dialogue - to figure things out. We start by finding out where you are and where you are going.

13:00 Chakra Coloured Lunch/ from nature to nurture with all the spectra of light from the source. 

14:00 – 16:00 Free time/massages/one-to-ones/walks & hikes/special activities/etc.

16:00 Vedic Art & Dialogue/Class - to make friends with your body (only for those that request this)

17.00 Body Movement Class - to shake, sweat and cleanse it off.

17:30 Exercise to awaken Kundalini - with the mountains, the animals, the forests, and astonishing views.

19:30 Dinner for the night soul - to calm our senses and prepare for the beauty(full) cleansing sleep.

21.00 Evening activity - brings you to the stars and the moon - from dark into the light - the secret is felt

- Timing is loose and weather and guest dependent. 


We call our food Rustic - it's healthy, easy, colorful and quick to cook.

We call our food Rustic - it's healthy, easy, colorful and quick to cook.

Included in O-live Chakra Detox Retreat

Apart from Peace, мир, Paz, शान्ति,  Shanti, 平和, Fred, Paix, ความสงบ, Frieden, Vrede, שָׁלוֹם , سلام, Pace, 和平,  평화, ειρήνη

this is included in the retreat price;

  • Shared or single accommodation in an authentic Spanish Cortijo (single or double/twin room)

  • Airport transfer/round trip (1 medium size suitcase)

  • Book downloads: Tantric Yoga Book + O8 Detox Dialogue + Cook Book + Access to other Information

  • Pre-retreat Questionnaire and test.

  • Personalized, gentle and caring Root Chakra Detox with as many one-one sessions (depending on time limitations)

  • Personal recommendations upon departure

  • All detoxing food and drinks, snacks, spiced teas, waters, etc

  • Daily Healing Yoga + meditations + breathing (Pranayamas) w/ Self-Acupressure

  • Daily Vedic Art classes/dialogues (Material provided to cost price, payed cash)

  • Daily Chakra Detox classes/dialogues + meditation techniques + exploring exercises

  • Guided and non-guided meditation and ancient techniques

  • Healing Cooking/baking classes

  • Daily Tantric exercise in pristine nature

  • 1 reiki massage for enhanced chakra detox (more can be provided payed in cash)

  • A facial with face lift & all natural products that will make you shine

  • 24h staff at venue and lots of time to talk

  • Access to forum and support after retreat

  • A small gift to remember your life-transforming retreat

Everything is optional, depending on your level of desired involvement. So there is never any pressure. 

Not included: Flight tickets, domestic transfers, personal insurance, extra treatments, your preferred colors for Vedic Art.