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This is how it works:

  • You fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and we get back to you with answers and additional questions. We mail back and forth for awhile to finalize Your Perfect Program. Calculate a few weeks for this process.

  • As soon as we have confirmed the dates and you have paid a deposit, you can start informing your group, and

  • When you have made your program you can start selling your spaces. If you would like, we can support you in the process and help you create cool and effective marketing materials for your outreach.

  • You organize all the logistics, flights and everything else up to your arrival, and we organize everything after your arrival at the airport.

  • We can support your program with anything that is suitable from our own O·Live Program if you want and if there are gaps in your program, such as nutrition classes, lectures, health assessments, excursions, etc.

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Riktigt bra, ni är ju fantastiska. Tack för allt
(Free translation: Really good, you are fantastic. Thanks for everything)
— Leader at Max Matthiessen, Stockholm
We like to see our food as rustic food, as opposed to fancy. It's healthy, delicious and fast. It's also environmental friendly and healing. The best detox is the daily one.

We like to see our food as rustic food, as opposed to fancy. It's healthy, delicious and fast. It's also environmental friendly and healing. The best detox is the daily one.

It was soooo good, smooth and relaxed, loved the food. And so lucky with the weather too.
— Sara, Yoga teacher from Finland

Vegan is the New Normal

All the data is in. All the feeling will come. Becoming vegan is not just a cellular detox. It gives you more life and freedom.

Enjoying a stunning, easy to prepare, cost effective, and sustainable diet in all ways is the new common sense and the easiest and quickest way to get healthy and save our Earth from the destruction caused by the farming industry.

Or if that's not enough, consider your own health, or weight, or that of those you love. If health or environment aren’t enough, consider living creatures. Consider the energetic catastrophe of 400 million animals killed daily to please taste and old habits. If Einstein was right (quantum physics is proving he was) we are all connected. Whatever reason, going vegan is the right choice.

It is a documented fact that animal agriculture, or trying to sustain an animal based diet globally is the leading cause of environmental destruction, species extinction, and with other unhealthy food, the number one cause of illness globally, beyond alcohol, drugs and smoking. From the US FDA, the UN, the WHO, and health authorities in the EU, it's accepted that a plant based diet - we mean really good, non-refined, not radical, not boring - will enhance your life in every category, period. Easy!

Not only is all our food acclaimed, locally sourced and as much as possible organic, from both friendly and high-brand-equity sources, it's also easy, filling, and awesome to eat. 

Look at, too. 

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I had no idea it was so easy to be healthy vegan. I feel so good. Thank you for making amazing food.
— Laura

First time I came for the food, the second time, for the food, guess why I come back now?
After a year on Vegan food I got rid of my statins. The second year I got rid of the HT pills (who F* would have thought). My doctor said, don’t tell me what you do, just do it.
This time guess why I come? I love Cristina’s food :)
— Glen