Vegan is the New Normal

All the data is in. All the feeling will come.

Enjoying a stunning, easy to prepare, cost effective, and sustainable diet in all ways is the new common sense and the easiest and quickest way to get healthy and save our Earth from the destruction caused by global warming.

Or if that's not enough, consider your own health, or weight, or that of those you love. If that's not enough, think about sustainable living, or consideration for living creatures. What ever reason, going vegan is the right choice.

It is a documented fact that animal agriculture, or trying to sustain an animal based diet globally is the leading cause of environmental destruction, species extinction, and with other unhealthy food, the number one cause of illness globally. From the US FDA, the UN, the WHO, and health authorities in the EU, it's accepted that a vegan - we mean really good, non-refined, not radical, not boring diet - will enhance your life in every category, period. Easy!

Not only is all our food acclaimed from both friendly and high brand equity sources, it's easy, filling, and awesome to eat. 

Look at, too. 

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I had no idea it was so easy to be healthy. Thank you for making amazing food.
— Laura
We call our food Rustic - it's healthy, easy and quick to cook. 

We call our food Rustic - it's healthy, easy and quick to cook. 

First time I came for the food, the second time, for the food, guess why I come back now?
After a year on Vegan food I got rid of my statins. The second year I got rid of the HT pills (who F* would have thought). My doctor said, don’t tell me what you do, just do it.
This time guess why I come? I love Cristinas food :)
— Glen

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