Yoga for All

Every morning we start our retreats with a Yoga class tailored to each and every one of our guests. All levels of experience are welcome - from beginners to intermediate to even advanced. Call it stretching of you prefer.

A flexible body (and mind) is a healthy body (and mind)

It’s about the Vagus Nerve, but that’s not all.

Yoga enhances the detox process in a natural, healthy way. The method we use to guide you through it is a unique Olive technique we call “feel for real yoga”, which we use in all we do. It allows you to put the awareness where it needs to go. Yoga becomes meditative, meditation becomes Yoga, just as it was meant to be and as described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, written 3500 years ago.

Cristina, schooled in the Ashtanga Mysore and other traditions, with more than 25 years of practice, will be guiding you and making sure the few subtle correctional pointers don’t disturb your flow. She shares her yoga with you.

A second yoga session can be provided for those who want and are able to. We're easy. We don’t see yoga as a work-out but as a work-in. As such it will always aim for the meditative state of Dharma it was meant as.

Pranayamas for All

All sessions are followed by relaxation and breathing exercises, called Pranayamas. Prana means the Life Force (Qi in Chinese medicine) and breathing is the same word as in Sanskrit. Breathing is life, life is breathing, and anything that enhances your respiratory system will make you live more through first connecting you to your body and mind, then to your environment and ultimately to the universe.

The best practice to connect all of you to all of that is called Meditation.

Meditation for All

The meditation that follows the morning Yoga is done in the best possible setting: a stretched body filled with fresh oxygen and detoxed mind. Noting is required (not even a specific sitting position), nothing is wrong or judged. Meditation is for each and everyone of us an individual internal process, yet we sometimes do it together. In those cases you will feel the connection with others. It’s easy, a few helping words will guide you. Don’t worry, you’ll love it as well.

You're precious.




Unique, enchanting and beautifully remote, Olive Retreat leads you to a hidden gem nestled in the mountains of Andalusia, or on the beach in Thailand.




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I have done yoga for 8 years but realised I had not really done yoga. Thanks to Cristina’s teaching I can now feel for real. What a difference!
— Amy
When Cristina touched my neck it was like a river of stress ran off me.
— Paul
Practice is EVERYTHING, on the mat and after.
— Cristina
This has been the most wonderful experience and journey I will cherish for a long time. You are all very good at what you do and have changed my life in such a positive way.
— Pritpal

Pranayams Can Save Lives

Pranayamas are breathing exercises, nothing more, nothing less. It’s interesting that we have to teach people how to breathe, but we do. Our society has not focused on breathing and we often need to re-learn it. This is very important, because it’s the connection to your life force (Prana or Qi). You can use your breath to either excite or calm you. It’s the direct source to your mood and hormones. We use ancient tantric and yogic methods and your health results talk for themselves. You just have to try it.

I have had the most enlightening week.
— Ena
All I can say is a miracle has happened!!! Just overwhelming what I have learned and gained.
— Maggie
The staff, the food, the place! Absolutely A-MAZING!
— Claire, U.K.