creativity is the first solution (O8 #6)

Absolutely love it. It reads like a book by someone who is so smart and aware, a masterpiece capturing the essence of being that all sane and insane people share.
— Nancy
Love it! Brilliant, funny and very, very important.
This book questions our belief systems in an exquisite, funny and very pragmatic way. A must-read for anyone who wonders why they feel a loss of energy at work, or for anyone who wants to be successful without being abused or abusing.
— C
...embodies the true spirit of setting yourself free. I found myself dipping in and out of places of liberties and incarcerations. Moments of indulgence yet poetically and even humorously laughing out loud. It’s not like anything I’ve ever read before....
— M
It is very very good. Seriously good.
— P
Spoken like a true madman.....
— J
a great read, opens the mind and the heart.
— D
Wow, I see now how we have been so mislead on so many levels. Really helped me think about things so differently!
— E
How I thank our sisters and brothers of 14 billion years ago that you exist and we met. Thank you for the horizontal broadening.
— A

The best resource for those who acknowledge the failures of existing business models, while seeking to innovate on the most basic of assumed methodologies and ideologies.

Referred to as a "hippie" in a recent management book published by Simon and Schuster, Emile Raymond (Ray) explains why - though he's not really a hippie - it's fair to acknowledge that a large component of hippie ideology was way ahead of its time, and in light of serious global challenges, still is.

For example, what does Ray think of during a meeting with Tony Blair?

“In his Europe, a History (1996), scholar Norman Davies' estimates that more than 8,000,000 people died in the Thirty Year's War, what is one of Europe's most destructive wars.

How can I be too intrigued by a global leader who continues to wear 1600s Croatian mercenary fashion as a work costume? Would one not have thought that with all our great technology and learning we'd come up with a better outfit than a few minutes hassle in the morning demands of us? That requires a known environmental toxin and proven carcinogen (perchloroethylene) to clean?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has designated perchlorethylene a "potential occupational carcinogen." The National Toxicology Program has designated it as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen." And the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has designated perc as a "probable human carcinogen."

Why do we follow people who persist on using outdated and toxic customs, like invading countries on humanitarian premises?

On the other hand it makes sense. Since I was born the world has been engaged in as many as 250 armed conflicts, in more than 150 locations around the world, with as many as 190 million deaths being directly or indirectly related. More than in the previous 4 centuries.

A tie and suit are weapons of mass destruction, trust me.”


It's no surprise therefore, that in that same best-selling leadership book we find the Fortune 500 CEO and Chairman author also describing Ray as "a little crazy."

Is he?

“I was never comfortable with the word leverage.

We have to think about words, even if just for the habit of it.

When I read about leverage, I read about force.In fact, a lever is used to exert forces over distances using a fulcrum.

Our economic models and business strategies are based upon living creatures being used as tools. People are tools. Animals are tools. Rivers, trees, and air are tools.

Tools don't feel, or have children and loved ones, or lose them. At least none of the tools I have.Tools are recruited into the service of a mission, of gaining mechanical advantage. They are required to become the manifestation of ideology only. Ideology has no material embodiment outside of form, which is why when people and animals are formed into the tool ideology, when they are leveraged to "amplify an input force to provide a greater output force" they become sick.

When they become sick and can no longer perform, when a fulcrum or bearing breaks due to stress, when the lever itself snaps, we throw them out.

One can get a new one cheap at either linked-in, amazon, or the Chinese shop."Duōshǎo qián yīgè hǎorén?”