This was a retreat for the whole body mind spirit. Cristina and Ray were so inspiring, caring and knowledgeable. Came away feeling I’ve entered a new stage in my life. Fantastic.
— Mary

Your Health, First.

We specialize in helping you achieve your health needs and desires - physical, mental & spiritual - no matter who you are or where you come from. Our goal is to support what is essentially an individual process regardless of what the issues are or how much or how little time is needed.

You are amazing, amazing people! I am utterly dazzled by how well-read and well-informed you are on such a huge range of topics, and how you manage to synthesize all your scholarship into a coherent philosophy of living. And furthermore, how kind you are! Thank you for everything.
I am leaving Olive Retreat with the science-based knowledge and the skills to look after my body, soul, and mind! This was exactly what I needed, and I’m sure how to continue. Thank you so much for showing me the light.

Warm up now in THAILAND.


Or in SPAIN this Spring.

I have learnt so much about myself: started to listen to my body again, question the opinions I have picked up along the way, reengaged with my love of music and literature, learnt how delicious simple and healthy vegan cooking is, and a whole lot more.
Another massive “thank you” to you both. No panic attacks very little anxiety. I’m doing amazingly well.
I keep following my intuition and constantly it provides solutions, answers and reassurance. I am so grateful for feeling connected.

yoga · meditation · exercise · vegan food · breathing · sleep · nature

  Real Health, not Packaging

Whatever your health needs are, we have solutions for you. We’ve had guests from all walks of life and states of body, mind and soul join us in their quests for health. We are unique in that we do not compete within the conventional model of white sheets, amazing pools, or best ACs (all unsustainable). In fact, we do not compete at all. Rather, we do what really works for the long term, for individuals, for nature, for the bigger picture of life on earth and your life on it. We have done our research with respect to what is healthy as opposed to what is sold as healthy, and offer a natural, incredibly-well designed and efficient location and service that will provide an authentic health experience for the long term.

I just wanted to send you a quick note. Thank you for really being solid friends and support to me. I am so grateful that you reached out in the way you did following my initial desperate email!
Massive learning curve. This week has changed the way I live and look at my life...and the stars.
“Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!”

Note. Body, mind, soul and/or physical, mental, spiritual are industry standards of communication when referring to our experience as humans, but we acknowledge they likely do no not reflect the full possibilities :)


Everything is included in the cost

You get your flights, we do the rest

  • Transfer from and back to the airport (SPAIN pick-up 5 pm/back 11.00. Thailand anytime)

  • Accommodation. Single or double/twin room (in Thailand we also offer Prana-Pods)

  • Small groups of maximum 8 people + 24h staff. We are always here for you, and we love it!

  • Books. Body Detox + O8 Mind detox + Yoga manual + Cook Book + more literature

  • Health assessment (Facial, Ayurvedic Dosha and Health Questionnaire)

  • Personalized detox program including herbs, teas, spiced waters

  • Well monitored digestive flush + intermittent fasting (if applicable)

  • All meals, snacks, drinks, as much as you want - clean, real, vegan, detoxing food (and you'll learn why we don't eat gluten, sugar, yeast or refined food). You won't ever be hungry!

  • 1 massage to enhance your detox (7 days stay, full pay) more can be provided, to be paid in cash

  • Daily Body · Mind · Soul health classes (click around the site for more info) with a lot of inspiring dialogues (bring your questions :)

  • One-on-One sessions

  • Cooking, desert making, smoothies & (baking classes in Spain) - all you want

  • Daily Yoga/stretch/body awareness with Pranayamas and Meditation and why it’s so freaking good

  • Daily individualised aerobic + anaerobic exercise in amazing nature (see pictures :)

  • Daily meditations (guided + non-guided + mindful techniques) and the philosophies behind the world of meditation. Creative meditations to enhance your health!

  • A gentle facial + acupressure class with natural remedies (7 days and on request)

  • Outdoor swimming pool (Spain + Thai Hut option) and in Thailand 5 min from the sea

  • Time and space to relax, excursions, hikes, read, talk and enjoy

  • Internet to support your learning, but please leave your social media and work stress behind

  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health back home)

  • Post-retreat support and follow-up + special discounts for repeating guests

  • A small gift for you to remember a life transforming week and your new O·friends

  • Flexibility on dates and prices - let us know what you need and we'll adapt if we can

  • In Thailand you can rent a scooter or borrow a bike

  • Excursions in Spain to white villages, in Thailand to temples, sights, markets, voluntary work, the OTOP, etc as you decide. See Thailand page.

You only have to book your flights to and from Malaga or Bangkok and get travel insurance if applicable to you. Please compare our prices considering we include everything. We are usually way better priced in light of the whole picture.

Pain is meant to be felt. It wants your attention. Feel it!
— Cristina