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A healthy lifestyle usually starts with learning and, of course, understanding one's self. At some point near the origin of the process you suddenly understand what really made you unhealthy in the first place. This new knowledge and awareness is offered to those around you by your simply being, like circles on the water. You become the expanding teacher.


Apart from planting trees, constructing your new O•shala and Prana-Pods to support your quest for a healthy life, we are becoming more beautifully minimalistic and freely less dependent on stuff. In this process creativity is the great energy source to finding amazing and often unconventional (innovative) solutions.

Our personal health could be defined in modern terms according to how much mass we carry, the amount of fossil fuels and water we consume, and other criteria that have more to do with being living creatures in general and less to do with humanity and our personal place in that category. It's all connected, your health, ours, the Butterfly lizard, the Peacock and the monkeys that visit us daily in Thailand or the eagles and vultures in Spain. We will never be healthier than the Earth we share. 

It's when you begin to see/feel that you are the ocean itself and not an isolated drop in it, that the real health benefits come. Try it!

FEEL F' REAL - to detox your karmentum


the health retreat FOR THE SOUL (TOO)

We believe all feelings are great, so bring 'em on. The good, the bad, the ugly. They are part of evolution and play an important role in why your genes survived. We like all of them, though we may not want to keep all of them around for the long haul, we don't discard the impetus, we observe, supported by a deep body detox and informative classes that empower you to bring your health home.

Imagination loves to be reformed.

Think. Where did many of the great NGO's, mind blowing books and positive historic changes come from? Probably many of them out of 'bad' feelings of anger, pain and suffering. So don't let the feelings go, don't forget them. Bring them to us and let them burst out through your creativity to be observed, felt and ultimately understood. Who knows where your creativity will take you?

After the retreat you have the option for a 3 month Feel f' Real Program to coach you and your creativity into action.  You craft your creative ideas into a form that suits you. Our Karmentum is simply memory. To detox it we need to remember it.


SUPER-COLORFUL DETOX - creativity is the first solution


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This very special Chakra detox is designed to explore our inner healing powers through the ancient methods of the Vedic and Tantric traditions. Our karmentum can be considered memory manifested as the I, in which case we are simply memory and our bodies the most corporeal form of it. You might not remember  your great grand dad but your body remembers him quite well, especially if you have his nose. Karma is evolution. To detox it we need to remember it, feel it and allow it to be liberated when and if it doesn't serve us anymore.

Evolutionary Memory and Human History = Karma, or karmentum.

We learn to understand and benefit from forces we all have in us, such as the kundalini force. You will observe, and as a result, dissolve karmic loads toward enhancing your health and life force (Prana) and Purpuse (Karma), and more amazingly that of your love ones too. If we understand the universe correctly, this applies to your life in all its temporal manifestations.  Fascinating isn't it?


It is important to give some emphasis to this point. Some might say “WHOLEness is only an ideal, toward which we should perhaps strive.” But this is not what is being said here. Rather, what should be said is that WHOLEness is what is real, and that fragmentation is the response of this whole to man’s action, guided by illusory perception, which is shaped by fragmentary thought.”
— David Bohm


"Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!"

Read more from Jana at AUF DEUTsCH Vegan Blatt - das vegane magazine



Mind & Body Detox - for all

Nominated a Top 10 Wellness Holiday by Queen of Retreats. Featured in Conde Nast, the Independent... 

I just wanted to say the most massive thank you from every fibre of my being. My circumstances at home haven’t changed, my job hasn’t changed, the people I come into contact with every day haven’t changed but somehow it’s all very different.
— Alison



"If you need some direction in change, this is the right place."

Olive Retreat is a unique, top-ranked wellness destination and health retreat dedicated to helping individuals discover what health means to them and applying this health knowledge into the rest of their lives. We are a top-ranked destination by the most travelled of reporters, but not because we have the nicest pools or best ACs. What we have is an understanding that the changes we need or seek in our lives often require transcending the most familiar of forms, physical, social, and psychological. Our venues are lovely, sure, but more lovely is our ability to synthesize knowledge from all disciplines and world views.  You'll learn from latest scientific research and most ancient wisdom, and how to incorporate this learning back home. We believe in  everyone's right to be healthy and define that for themselves.

Let us guide you to a healthier, more enhanced lifestyle as you dream and define it. Enjoy our gentle and open approach to healing with our retreats in SPAIN and THAILAND.


Everything is Included

We don't complicate, everything is included. You get your flights, we do the rest

  • Accommodation in single or double/twin room (tents available in Thailand)
  • 24 h staff; we are always there for you, and we love it! 
  • Pick-up transfer from the airport (SPAIN around 5 pm. Thailand anytime) 
  • Transfer back to the airport (SPAIN latest 1 pm. Thailand anytime)
  • Books: Body Detox + OO8 Mind detox + Yoga manual + BUTTERFLY MAN + more literature  
  • Health assessment (extensive Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)
  • Determining your Ayurvedic Dosha Prakriti, etc.
  • Personalized herbal detox program including liquid day(s) and flush
  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, detoxing food (and you'll learn why we don't eat gluten, sugar, yeast or refined food). Don't worry, you won't be hungry!
  • 1 massage to enhance your detox (more can be provided, to be paid in cash)
  • Daily availability of snacks for the hungry, (hungry is not healthy, you just have to figure out what hungry really is :)
  • Unlimited detoxing herbal teas and spiced waters according to your specific Dosha and needs
  • Daily Body, Mind & Soul health classes with a lot of inspiring dialogues (bring your questions)
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Cooking, desert making, smoothies & baking classes - all you want
  • Well monitored liquid day(s) with digestive detox flush if applicable (decided at health assessment) 
  • Daily yoga/stretch/body awareness with Pranayamas and Meditation and why you could continue
  • Daily individualised aerobic + anaerobic exercise in amazing nature (see pictures :)
  • Daily meditations (guided + non-guided + mindful) and the philosophies behind the world of meditation
  • A gentle facial class with natural substances (7 days in Spain)
  • Outdoor swimming pool (Spain) or the Sea (Thailand)
  • Time and space to relax, read, talk and enjoy in the afternoon.
  • Internet to support your learning, but please leave your social media and work at home
  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health back home)
  • Post-retreat support and follow-ups
  • A unique gift for you to remember a life transforming week and your new O • friends
  • Flexibility on dates and prices - let us know what you need and we'll adapt if we can

(You only have to book your flights and get a travel insurance if applicable for you. Please compare our price considering we include everything. We know it is not the best pricing strategy but we are not in this business to be strategic. We just think it's easiest for both you and us!)

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Vegan is the New Normal

All the data is in. All the feeling will come. Becoming vegan is not just a cellular detox, it's giving you more life and freedom.

Enjoying a stunning, easy to prepare, cost effective, and sustainable diet in all ways is the new common sense and the easiest and quickest way to get healthy and save our Earth from the destruction caused by global warming.

Or if that's not enough, consider your own health, or weight, or that of those you love. If that's not enough, think about sustainable living, or consideration for living creatures. What ever reason, going vegan is the right choice.

It is a documented fact that animal agriculture, or trying to sustain an animal based diet globally is the leading cause of environmental destruction, species extinction, and with other unhealthy food, the number one cause of illness globally. From the US FDA, the UN, the WHO, and health authorities in the EU, it's accepted that a vegan - we mean really good, non-refined, not radical, not boring diet - will enhance your life in every category, period. Easy!

Not only is all our food acclaimed from both friendly and high brand equity sources, it's easy, filling, and awesome to eat. 

Look at, too. 

Read more about vegan food - blog.

I had no idea it was so easy to be healthy. Thank you for making amazing food.
— Laura
 We like to see our food as rustic food, as opposed to fancy.  It's healthy, delicious and fast. It's also environmental friendly and healing. The best detox is the daily one. 

We like to see our food as rustic food, as opposed to fancy.  It's healthy, delicious and fast. It's also environmental friendly and healing. The best detox is the daily one. 

First time I came for the food, the second time, for the food, guess why I come back now?
After a year on Vegan food I got rid of my statins. The second year I got rid of the HT pills (who F* would have thought). My doctor said, don’t tell me what you do, just do it.
This time guess why I come? I love Cristinas food :)
— Glen

More Nutrition & more testimonials 

Quotation on home page taken Dr. Janine Benyus in her amazing book, Biomimicry.


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