The O·Family from three continents

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O·live Retreat was founded by a handful of very diverse people who have lived and worked in many industries and places around the world. They would probably have been called "successful" at O·ne point in time, but in spite of their success, or because of it, chose to invest in the path of personal and global health. O·ur story is just one of many similar stories about going from healthy to more healthy. The real reason we are doing O·live today is not so much the story, but the questions we asked along the way, and the joy of asking others on our way.

Cristina and Ray are the core and co-owners, and for the rest of the crew - the O·live humane resources  - you can read about them below. We can offer ourselves and our guests the luxury of a maximum of 8 guests at O·ne time. In that way we have time for a very specialized individualized O·ptimum focus. We give time, as much as you want, or don't want, but it's there and we love to be generous with it. In fact, we love to be generous with O·ur listening, O·ur answering, O·ur learning, O·ur methods, O·ur thinking and O·ur trials & errors, to the point of them not being ours, and in that humbly acknowledging that it was all given to us in the first O·place. As for the rest of the O’s the roam freely at the O·shram in Khao Tao, the deers, the peacocks, the red faced macaques, the birds, turtles and other welcome creatures of UCE. where Zoecracy rulse.

In any case, it’s not ourselves who define us, it’s our guests.

“I can never thank you enough, you have changed my life. Thank you, thank you all. I’ll be back.”
— Jane

Ray - "I mean, what does that mean, really?"

Ray - "I mean, what does that mean, really?"

Co-Owner, Olive Retreat.

Ray has an MBA in Cultural Anthropology from Brandeis University, and 20+ years experience in a mix of academics and the public and private sectors, including at the Fortune 500 level.

He has lived and worked in the USA, China, Lesotho, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Thailand, has visited more 50 than countries for pleasure and business, and studied meditation in Tibet, Nepal, India and Thailand.

Cristina - "We are walking national parks of microbes"

Cristina  -  "We are walking national parks of microbes"

She loves and respects life, in all forms. Her natural approach to healing is based on communication with life itself, the body, and it makes sense no matter which form you take. Taught and promoted by such notable figures as Dr. A. Wigmore, Dr. H. Clark, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Vant. Dr. Greger, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Lipton, Dr. Boutenko, and Dr. Saupe... Her devotion has helped parents, children, corporations, athletes, models, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, business people, housewives, and even doctors (they don’t include nutrition or holistic thinking at medical school), with issues big or small, that prevent them from being happy, healthy and at peace, even when life happens to us.

Tim - "Of course I will"

Tim - "Of course I will"

Head, Olive Desk, UK.

Tim began with Olive after a visit in 2016 at a point in his life when he needed some time out and some support. He was so taken by our activities in Spain that he later joined us in Thailand for two weeks, and so successful was that visit, that he now manages our UK desk.

Joom - "Everything's ok"

Joom - "Everything's ok"

Joom is the MD of KTG (Khao Tao Group) the holding company for Olive Retreat. It is registered in Thailand. There are five different sister companies, one of them being Olive Retreat. Her positive and generous nature, married with Buddhism and Thai culture, makes her the solid foundation our small cooperation is built on. Nothing would be possible without her in Thailand.