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Think of it like this...

 1. for ancient Buddhists - 

…there are no beginning to the number of our births, which means we have been everyone that ever existed, including our mothers - which for the Buddhists means if we want to make good karma or be kind people - we might want to treat everyone as if they were our mothers.

I was hoping to find some peace and tranquility, and I am blessed to have found that and more.
— Mary
There is little I can write that would capture even an iota of my unforgettable experience at Olive Retreat. This can be attributed to the many moments that made it the experience it was, but equally to the ongoing change I genuinely feel as a result of my time there.
— Bhav

Unique, enchanting and beautifully remote, Olive Retreat leads you to a hidden gem nestled in the mountains of Andalusia.

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2. for modern science -

…an atomic, or cesium clock, divides a second into over 9 billion smaller units (9,192, 631, 770), in which case one could argue that during the brief moment in which we are said to make a choice or a decision, 9 billion observable changes have taken place in just one kind of atom all over the universe and in our bodies.

That is to say, the choice I make now...

...what does now mean?

...what does "I" mean if in just one second of "I", 9 billion changes take place in just one atom of many in the universe, and in the 10 ìg of stable cesium per day we swallow, and the 0.025 ìg per day we breathe into our bodies?

Are the cesium atoms in our bodies experiencing phase changes in energy levels too, 9,192, 631, 770 each second?

What about all the other atoms in our bodies?

We are 7 billion-billion-billion atoms,

We are 37.2 trillion cells?

We are 10 million biochemical processes happening every second, in each of the 37.2 trillion cells,

We are 100 trillion bacteria,

For every gene, we are 100 bacteria genes.

We are more microbe than we are human.

Who are we?

Think of it like this.


We make a "choice." Prior to the second of that choice were 9 billion changes in the state of just one atom, and in every one of those 9 billionths of a second of that choice is contained the entire history of the entire universe, the momentum of all time, of all space,

- of which of those billionths of a second of history and form, of momentum, are we independent of the billionth before?

- in which of those 7 billion-billion-billion atoms are we found?

- in which of those 32.7 trillion cells?

- in which of those 100 trillion bacteria?

- in which of those 10 million things happening in each trillion during that billionth, are we free of the trillionth before?

In the billionth trillionth of us, is the whole universe found.

We are the universe says one famous physicist. 

If I am the universe, then in which billionth trillionth am I guilty of failing?

In which billionth trillionth have I succeeded?

Where am I?

Where do I begin?

In the inseparability of all of us from any of us, from all of what we have indissolubly historically been becoming, are we not all each other?

Are not all our births uncountable?

Olive Retreat – A treat in every way! I go home a very different person – Thanks in so many ways.
— Denise

Your Meditation is Yours

At a Body & Mind Detox Retreat we review the various forms of meditation to find which one works best for you. Please join us and learn about meditation and how meditation can help improve your life in so many ways.

What a life affirming, restorative and happy week. Your wonderful Olive Retreat certainly means I bring bags full of health knowledge home. You are inspiring and magnetic people – full of health and energy that you impart to your students. You are change agents. A life changing week with a fabulous collection of people.
— Catriona