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I normally do not read books of this genre, but Butterfly Man got me right from the start and I read it from start to finish in two flying hours
— David
This is a beast my man. Well done. Read it cover to cover today and you have nailed it. So chuffed for you. It’s very good, chine!
— Steve
An amazing, heartfelt, mind shattering epic adventure.
— S
Real and passionate and I was alongside you the whole way. It’s almost like a huge verse of poetry.”
— Edward
It’s really beautifully written and done so in such a unique way. It feels like a stream of consciousness.
— A
This book will inspire many others to find their way...And to write their stories.
— V

Butterfly Man tells in raw detail John McInroy's journey through success, huge suffering and great healing, a journey that began with a failed device, and then a stolen one. As the butterfly he leaps from flower to flower sucking on the nectar of fame. He's a model and actor, an ultra endurance athlete, head coach and international field hockey player, human rights activist, philanthropist, social entrepreneur, founder of two social movements, and a highly acclaimed public speaker. His love for fame loves him back with a growing list of followers.

The love affair soon starts to crumble, yet he has a message to the world and nothing will stop him, not even his body crying out for help. It stops functioning. His sudden illness can’t be explained by doctors. He is so perfect. He’s got everything everyone wants - every girl, every prize, any pick. The only thing that can stop him is a thief, and a seemingly ordinary misfortune breaks an unsafe world built on fame and social media.

This is the true story of John McInroy, the great South African change-agent, social entrepreneur, ultra-endurance athlete, philanthropist, social activist, international field hockey player, model, actor, public speaker and a South African disciple of Mandela. His amazing journey from huge suffering to greater healing is edited by Emile Raymond in a language that makes you feel for real.

I love your passionate flowing words
— Kim
Amazing writing!! Playful. A treat to read!

— L




"In using the word SHOCK we try to capture what it means when the world no longer matches our historic experience of it.

This is usually a bad thing. A sudden, bad thing.

In the medical world it's a life-threatening medical condition with many forms.

You can die from it.

In the psychological world it's an identity threatening condition. It's when the world we believed in, the world we formed ourselves by, is no longer tenable. It's when our certainty is torn away. This can be a good thing, howbeit painful.

I was in shock. My world had just been torn away....."

WOW. It’s like poetry. I’m feeling all the angst and shame as I’m reading it. Some parts feel chaotic and stressful, just how I imagine you must’ve been feeling. I’m loving it!
— Amy
The style is fresh and original I hear the voice’s going along with the ride!”
— Sarah
Fucking epic read!
— E
Butterfly Man is the perfect handbook for all those who want to make a change to a better and more equal world, through their own awakened creativity.
— Chris
Oh my god, I LOVE the book! Seriously I am in such awe of John’s honesty and bravery
— A
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