Why neckties are killers. 3rd reason to avoid dry cleaning

It struck me during a meeting with Tony Blair, before which my friend sent me a chat message saying, "watch your wallet."

Of course I was only there because it was my job. Probably he didn't even notice me.

Not long before the meeting he had joined the coalition of the killing, oops, sorry, I mean willing, and invaded Iraq, which as we all know has turned out remarkably well for the world.

We call him a "utopian" Prime Minister due to his belief in the potential for a certain few members of genus homo to have the foresight and wisdom to determine and execute what would lead to a better world.

To, so to speak, save it.

The chat message my friend sent should have read, "run!", in any number of European languages, including and especially Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Croatian and Spanish.

In his Europe, a history (1996), scholar Norman Davies' estimates that more than 8,000,000 people died in the Thirty Year's War, what is one of Europe's most destructive wars.

Ironically, that happens to be about the time Croatian mercenaries invented the necktie. From then on out its association with war just continues, right up until 1864. Then General Sherman in his famous "March to the Sea" used the scorched earth policy of destroying everything in his path, as another great tie wearer did in Cambodia years later. General Sherman in his creativity and fashion sense left “Sherman Neckties” behind, or heated rail road ties twisted around tree trunks so they could not be used again.

Does the modern tie serve any function other than pointing to our genitalia, metaphorically and literally strangling us, and otherwise just being a time consuming and inconvenient reminder or war?

Why do we follow people who persist to use outdated customs, which also require Perchloroethylene to clean?

Is it not also ironic that it's mostly worn by those most intimately connected with the processes of our modern capitalist economy, which is also proving quite successful, especially for the 80 people whom Oxfam recently stated owns as much wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest?

On the other hand it makes sense. Since I was born the world has been engaged in as many as 250 armed conflicts, in more than 150 locations around the world, with as many as 190 million deaths being directly or indirectly related. More than in the previous 4 centuries.

In that sense, why shouldn't we continue demonstrating our superiority with neckties?