From an Olive Retreat, you bring health home.


Body & Mind
Detox Retreat

The Body & Mind Detox is our foundation retreat, and basis for a healthier, more enhanced lifestyle as you dream and define it. 

We accept that each of us are different and have different needs, and therefore we teach you to how to listen to your body. It is the best pharmacy and doctor you will ever need, and the best guide to a healthier and happier life. 

Yoga Raw

Merge two powerful fields of health and healing in seven detoxifying days of rawfood and yoga.

Hands-on rawfood classes with individualized instruction for your needs and constitution. Boost your daily routine by incorporating superfoods! Unlock the benefits of Iyengar-style yoga practice and live a healthy life, full of inspiration and energy.

Meditation Retreat

The Meditation Retreat builds upon the Body & Mind Detox Retreat with a greater focus on the mind, and a series of meditations designed to help you deconstruct the unhealthy or unproductive architecture of your personal history.

From this retreat we hope to bring home a state of mind characterized by a limitless and irreversible process of expansion.

Everything we do at Olive is about imparting knowledge so the health journey continues with you when you return home.

A few photos from our @olive_retreat Instagram.