All the senses are involved in healing

The first thing that comes to most peoples' mind when seeking to become healthy is to change their diets. From a scientific perspective it's overwhelmingly clear that a vegan diet is the only way to go. Our own personal experience in this field confirms all the data, that for the best results in all we do, including in our sports activities, we have to eat vegan or as close to it as possible. This is why we started offering healthy vegan cooking classes, and why since then many restaurants, chefs, and other professionals have come to us to learn to cook healthy vegan food.

I would be surprised if any other Retreat offered food as consistently appealing – not just in taste but in all of the senses – food almost as good to look at and inhale, as it was to ingest.
— Alan

Soda and crisps are also vegan, so what kind of vegan food is healthy? We teach you about the options, taking in account factors like taste, personal metabolism, health issues, cooking skills and time limitations in a hectic daily life. Once you know how easy it is, and delicious and fast, you’ll be surprised you ever doubted.

It starts with the gut.
If you seek to read your body signals long before the manifestation of a ‘health problem’, respect your gut feeling.
— Cristina


Nutrition is very important, but it's not everything. Our program combines the best food and drinks, with specific yoga (stretching) in the morning, specific Pranayamas (breathing technics), and specific spices, sometimes more, to maximize your detox. We respect that we have different needs, but in the end of the week the results speak for themselves. We use Ayurveda, Orthomolecular Medicine (micro-nutrients) and basic biochemistry to figure it out.

In the Body Health Classes we go through the science of food. Questions like how much protein should we have, what fat is good, should we take supplements - are all answered with the latest science and a lot of evidence and common (non-profit) sense. All levels of knowledge are welcome.

The food is vegan, clean, non-refined, gluten, sugar and fermentation free, but not for a second boring.
— Tom from Singapore

In one-on-one sessions we recommend specific actions you can take with you back home if you wish to. We offer support and chat groups. You also get access to over 250 articles, 2 e-books and a Cookbook. All is included in the retreat price.

Your belly is precious. Listen to it, it’s your best signal system. Dis-ease starts - and probably ends - with the Gut.

All food is locally sourced, non-refined and as much as we can control, organic.

All food is locally sourced, non-refined and as much as we can control, organic.

Totally amazing food.
— Daisy from Condé Nast Traveller

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I came very sceptical to vegan food, but left totally convinced. We all looked great on departure day. No more puffy eyes, were white and sparkled. Only 7 days!!!
— Liza
I loved Rays bread baking class :)
— Angus
I can’t believe that I lost wait. I wasn’t hungry and we ate so much, it was so good. Totally amazing :)
— Liza
I first went to Olive Spain and now I have tried Olive Thailand. I loved it all, eat so much but feel so light. I already bought a mixer online. Thanks!
— Anette
Amazing! I had no idea that vegan food could be so delicious and nourishing. Cristina said hunger is our best friend to digest well.
— Laila
Last year you told me to eat vegan so I did, that’s why I lost 20 kg and have no diabetes any more. This year I promise to give Yoga a go...
— Glen
I try buy jamon serrano on our way home but I couldn’t. I can only see a pig. What have you done to me?
— Manolo (who dropped jokes about him never becoming vegan. Today he runs a very successful vegan restaurant :)
I have been vegan or vegetarian for 20 years, been to retreats of all sorts. You guys play in the Upper League. Just amazing food, so light but yet so nourishing, so light but yet tasty. You have really inspired me...
— Sandra B
I have had the most enlightening week.
— Ena
All I can say is a miracle has happened!!! Just overwhelming what I have learned and gained.
— Maggie
The staff, the food, the place! Absolutely A-MAZING!
— Claire. Retreat participant, U.K.