The O (·live) Family

Olive Retreat Yoga warrior pose.jpg

O·live Retreat was founded many years ago by a handful very diverse people who have lived and worked in many industries and places around the world. They would probably have been called "successful" at O·ne point in time, but in spite of their success, or because of it, chose to invest in the path of personal and global health. O·ur story is just one of many similar stories about going from healthy to more healthy. The real reason we are doing O·live today is not so much the story, but the questions we asked along the way, and joy of asking them.

Cristina and Ray are the core and co-owners, and for the rest of the crew - the O·live humane resources  - you can read about them below. We can offer ourselves and our guests the luxury of a maximum of 8 guests at O·ne time. In that way we have time for a very specialized individulazed O·ptimum focus. We give time, as much as you want, or don't want, but it's there and we love to be generous with it. In fact, we love to be generous with O·ur listening, O·ur answering, O·ur learning, O·ur methods, O·ur thinking and O·ur trials & errors, to the point of them not being ours, and in that humbly acknowledging that it was all given to us in the first O·place.

In any case, it’s not ourselves who define us, it’s our guests.

“I can never thank you enough, you have changed my life. Thank you , thank you all. I’ll be back.” — Jane