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You are amazing, amazing people! I am utterly dazzled by how well-read and well-informed you are on such a huge range of topics, and how you manage to synthesize all your scholarship into a coherent philosophy of living. And furthermore, how kind you are! Thank you for everything.
— G

All Answers Start With(in)tegration

Nothing is more spiritual than being healthy and it is said that meditation is one of the most powerful tools on the planet to get there, and we agree. That’s why we created the O·live 8 Mind Detox Dialogue, the “incredible ethos” behind pretty much all we do at O·live. It is based upon eight propositions derived from well established conclusions in the physical and social sciences and the humanities, and loosely corresponds to the Jhanas in Buddhist teachings (stages of meditation), the Ashtanga 8 limbs, and probably some other jammin’ good gob of teaching we haven’t stumbled upon (phenomenology?) In short we combine meditation with a fresh look at ourselves in light of modern research, and roll this all up into a creative lifestyle with the best vegan diet, good yoga, exercise, sleep, love and a few other essential this and thats.

In other words, this is O•live, or that is, depending upon your point of reference.

In any case, come closer. No matter where you are or come from, our role is to help you embark on a journey that is not only physically and emotionally therapeutic, but will immerse you in the miraculous awareness of life itself, and your unique spin on it.

I feel so connected now and you know what, you were right. My pain is gone. Xxx
Gracias por todo, sois ya familia. Os veré pronto seguro, en Tailandia o en Andalucía o donde nuestros caminos se crucen, os quiero mucho.
— Alejandra Andreu, modelo, presentadora Telemadrid
The night we meditated under the gazebo, I felt overwhelmed with emotion, like the past 9 months was bubbling up inside me. You asked us to look at where we might be in the future, and for the very first time in a long time, I really felt positive about it and I could observe myself as being free and happy again. So thank you for that :-)
Another massive “thank you” to you both. No panic attacks very little anxiety. I’m doing amazingly well.
This was more than just a retreat with fabulous food, it was a retreat for the whole mind body spirit. Cristina and Ray were so inspiring, caring and knowledgeable. Came away feeling I’ve entered a new stage in my life. Fantastic.

You’re worth Billions

Regardless of your struggles in life, or in spite of them, that you exist is evidence enough for us to believe the universe wants you here. Whether it’s a mathematical equation you need to support that or something else, once you feel this possibility, and yes, we mean feel it, the joy and agony included, everything from then on becomes part of the amazing process of being alive and observing what grows out of your celebration of that improbability. It took 13 to 14 billion years to craft you, and so rather than offering market-driven pre-packaged health services or health advice, we offer a set of understandings and methods that can be tailored to and implemented into your life wherever you are. Get what you want, not what someone else, or some market forces prescribe for you.

I have learnt so much about myself: started to listen to my body again, question the opinions I have picked up along the way, reengaged with my love of music and literature, learnt how delicious simple and healthy vegan cooking is, and a whole lot more...
I will never forget the conversations I had with you both as i really don’t get the chance to speak to anybody about what is going on in life. The time you gave me is really appreciated.
I just wanted to send you a quick note. Thank you for really being solid friends and support to me. I am so grateful that you reached out in the way you did following my initial desperate email!
I have been telling my friends about the meditation journeys. They blew me away. My friends are inspired. We may start a meditation group, please send me your Cm.

Take, & Eat of the Earth


Physicists tell us that we were born of the stars and biologists tell us we were born of the soil, literally. To improve your health you must learn to feel the earth with your own gut, and privilege and cherish a feeling that connects you to the memory of life and the ecosystem you came from.

Food is just one of the many forms that emerge from the soil, you and we are another, the components and the soil’s energy making up our organs and bodies. Everything we do at O·live stems from our deep (r)evolutionary sensitivity to nature and our body’s being it, and to the soil, the water, the air, and all the lives who depend upon it, too, large or small. We humbly acknowledge the impact human activity has on the earth’s living systems, including your living system. If you “kill your mama”, you kill yourself. The Earth’s health is your health, and your health is the Earth’s health.

Every time we step away from the microbiome we get sick.
— Dr. Zach Bush
Thanks you guys, from the bottom of my heart (and my gut!)
Not easy to find people in my world to have good conversations like i had with you. But i keep fighting!

Thriving, not Surviving

There’s no doubt we can survive on both plant and animal-sourced food, but that’s not the point anymore. The question is, what do you want? A plant-based diet gives the Earth and you the only real chance to thrive rather than merely survive (if that). From our perspective, and for the best results in everything we do, including our sports activities, our relationships, our moods and imaginations, we have to eat vegan or as close to it as possible. The data is overwhelming, the feeling is, too. Animal agriculture is killing us all.

First time I came for the food, the second time, for the food, guess why I come back now? After a year on Vegan food I got rid of my statins. The second year I got rid of the HT pills (who the F* would have guessed?). My doctor said, don’t tell me what you’re doing, just keep doing it. I love Cristina’s food :)
Feeling increasingly committed to being as vegan as possible. Can’t wait to get home next week to start cooking properly.
I had no idea how bad animal food is, and how easy it was to be healthy and make amazing food.
Massive learning curve. This week has changed the way I live and look at my life...and the stars.
You inspired me to find the future. Thank you guys, love you.
I just wanted to say the most massive thank you from every fibre of my being. My circumstances at home haven’t changed, my job hasn’t changed, the people I come into contact with every day haven’t changed but somehow it’s all very different.
I am leaving Olive Retreat with the science-based knowledge and the skills to look after my body, soul, and mind! Thank you so much for showing me the light.
Thanks for an endless adventure and your unconditional kindness, love and support. Hanging in the shala, testing coffee recipes and coming up with monkey strategies will be sorely missed. Lots of love! Enjoy the stars for me ✨

Feel Thinking & Think Feeling

Feelings, all of them, pain included, are there to be felt. See them as a silent language (or the most elaborate form of thought). To be healed we need to understand feelings again, as we did before we were told to ignore them. As we did very early on in our lives.

Feel f' Real is a method we developed to help build awareness in you, of you. Research has brought validity to the old saying, “listen to your gut” and you’ll learn to discover that there are no wrong feelings or wrong pain. All of them are valid and part of what makes you unique. Learning to validate and feel them allows you to cooperate with them, find your creative solutions and the means to channel them into healthy action, something proven to heal the deepest of wounds and create the most fulfilling of lives. It may be the case that a disease, a pain, or a feeling you once hated might become the best thing that ever happened to you.

The retreat helped me to stop, listen and learn new skills that realigned my natural rhythm and needs, through a trifecta of mental awareness, nutritional enlightenment and physical agility.
You guys are crazy nuts, in the most beautiful and best way. THANK YOU!
Home feeling rejuvenated energized and healed body, mind and soul as intended. I love this journey it never ceases to amaze and surprise me. Thank you all for such a beautiful experience.

They say Karma, we say “Karmentum”

The solutions of older generations have become our problems. Whether it’s redundant thinking around our bodies, our agriculture, our lack of equality or superfluity of production, it all stems from past needs and past times. Karma derives from the Sanskrit word Karman, meaning action, effect, fate, and karmentum is karma + momentum put together in one word. Our karmentum detox inspires innovative ideas through creative meditations and tangible creative acts of hope to solve today's puzzles. Healthy ideas are mostly the offspring of healthy bodies and minds. Through learning to explore and develop a sensitivity to, and acknowledge your personal karmentum, those of others, as well as the earth’s, you’ll discover inner healing powers you weren’t aware you had. You’ll learn to fully use (not abuse) the best of ancient and modern methods and traditions combined.

Momentum = mass x velocity, or, history, or matter in motion, you in the world, you being dumped into life while it was already way along in the process.

The universe is just awesome so thank you for helping me to see this for myself.
“Müssten wir das Olive Retreat in einem Wort beschreiben, wäre es wahrscheinlich: Großartig!”

That morning I got up before four and you were up, we just sat there, talking and meditating until the sun rose....that morning changed everything for me. I get it now, and it can’t be explained beforehand as it’s feel it.

  Join the Olive family for any kind of change.

We have been praised by the most traveled of reporters but not because we have the nicest pools or best ACs (most of which are unsustainable) but because what we do works, including and especially for anyone. What we have is an understanding that the changes we need or seek in our lives often require scrutinizing the most familiar of forms, physical, social, and psychological. Our venues are lovely, sure, but more lovely is our ability to synthesize knowledge from all disciplines and world views while resisting cliches at all levels. You'll learn from the latest scientific research and most ancient wisdom, and how to incorporate this learning back home. We believe in everyone's right to be healthy (all the living) and define what that is for themselves. It works everywhere, anytime, but what makes it so quick (only 7 days!) at O•live is our Nature, our real venue. We bow to it.

Meet Ray and Cristina at the right time and with an open mind and your whole world changes forever.
If you need any kind of change Olive for sure the right choice! Take it from a retreat hopper...
I keep following my intuition and constantly it provides solutions, answers and reassurance. I am so grateful for feeling connected.
...and the most awesome thing about Olive is you two and the fact you’re intelligent and compassionate beings that live and breathe everything you believe in and teach.

Everything is Included in the cost

You get your flights, we do the rest

  • Accommodation: single or double/twin room and in Thailand we also offer tents and Prana-Pods

  • 24h staff; we are always there for you, and we love it!

  • Pick-up transfer from the airport (SPAIN around 5 pm. Thailand anytime)

  • Transfer back to the airport (SPAIN latest 1 pm. Thailand anytime)

  • Books: Body Detox + OO8 Mind detox + Yoga manual + Cook Book + more literature

  • Health assessment (extensive Health Questionnaire is sent once you are booked)

  • Determining your Ayurvedic Dosha Prakriti, etc.

  • Personalized herbal detox program including liquid day(s) and flush

  • All meals: clean, real, vegan, detoxing food (and you'll learn why we don't eat gluten, sugar, yeast or refined food). Don't worry, you won't be hungry!

  • 1 massage to enhance your detox (7 days stay) more can be provided, to be paid in cash

  • Daily availability of snacks for the hungry, (hungry is not healthy and you will probably gain wait :)

  • Unlimited detoxing herbal teas and spiced waters according to your specific Dosha and needs

  • Daily Body, Mind & Chakra health classes with a lot of inspiring dialogues (bring your questions)

  • One-on-One sessions

  • Cooking, desert making, smoothies & (baking classes in Spain) - all you want

  • Well monitored liquid day(s) with digestive detox flush if applicable (decided at health assessment)

  • Daily yoga/stretch/body awareness with Pranayamas and Meditation and why it’s so freaking good

  • Daily individualised aerobic + anaerobic exercise in amazing nature (see pictures :)

  • Daily meditations (guided + non-guided + mindful) and the philosophies behind the world of meditation

  • A gentle facial + acupressure class with natural remedies (7 days on request)

  • Outdoor swimming pool (Spain) or the Sea (Thailand + Thai Hut have a pool)

  • Time and space to relax, excursions, hikes, read, talk and enjoy.

  • Internet to support your learning, but please leave your social media and work at home

  • Recommendations upon departure (how to continue your quest for better health back home)

  • Post-retreat support and follow-up

  • A small gift for you to remember a life transforming week and your new O • friends

  • Flexibility on dates and prices - let us know what you need and we'll adapt if we can

  • In Thailand you can rent a scooter or borrow a bike

  • In Thailand we take you to the temples, see the sights, markets, the OTOP, etc

You only have to book your flights to and from Malaga or Bangkok and get a travel insurance if applicable for you. Please compare our price considering we include everything.

Pain is meant to be felt. It wants your attention. Feel it!
— Cristina