Frikkin’ epic. This guy is too smart but maybe crazy..
— Nancy
no way.....
— S
rips one’s head out if one can get that far.
— A
Reminds me of that other guy.
— F

Inspired by a billionaire former boss who's now in prison (wrongly of course) Emile Raymond reflects upon 8 fundamental propositions destined to rewrite the way humanity views the universe. Or something like that. Maybe just get some extra cash for new flip flops.


When we eat sugar, when we accelerate our rates of death,

our bodies go 'crack',

- in the cocaine way,

- the short-term joy way,

- the dopamine and serotonin enhancing, addicting, way,

- the insulin flushing way,

- to save us from death or blindness way,

- like, so much for our blood sugar,

- like, crash,

- like, "please sir, more,"[i]

- like, a "legal narcotic,"[ii]

- like, addicted and desperately paying institutionalized thieves to steal from us,

{us}, as in our leptin-mugged, drugged out, zombie'd[iii] incapacities to feel full, when we are stuffed, actually, just look,

- full of puss, stuffed in fact,

- fat,

- grotesque,

- 35.7% of all we americans,[iv]

- bloated white, black, red, gray trash of any color,

- market-induced blobs of human waste,

- with each bite, with each big gulp getting fatter,

- fuller, but we can't tell,

- can't feel,

- our livers, our pancreases, our brain chemistry - enslaved,

- our vital organs distended against our inner blubbery skin walls until we can't breathe, can't feel, can't move, because there's no room left for our lungs or hearts or anything else that really matters inside of us except paying the well-dressed dealers of our accelerated drug deaths,

- Indra, $26,440,990 for my addiction,

- Ahmet, $14,590,571 for my high blood pressure,

- Paul, $10,749,291 for my daily overdose,

- John, $10,809,999 for my cardiovascular disease,

- Irene, $19,674,812 for my stroke,

- Ken, $13,430,061 for my diabetes,

- Paul, £6,900,000 for my cancer (but he's "ashamed" of that, and we shouldn't let money "motivate us" anyway)

- Hugh, $11,928,836 for my depression,

- Denise, $9,425,477 for my suffocation,

- Paul, $19,657,279 for my heart attack,

- Sean, $9,945,810 for my Alzheimer's,

- Fanjul's got sugar "all over," like $500,000,000 worth, like another day, another nickel-plated coffin buries another 144 suckers dead every minute, worse than all wars, worse than smoking, the most dangerous drug in the modern times…

[i] From Charles Dicken's "Oliver Twist."





How I thank our sisters and brothers of 14 billion years ago that you exist and we met. Thank you for the horizontal broadening.
— A
this isn’t for the faint of anything.
— R
Spoken like a true madman.....just like the other one.
— J
I think it’s sad but it’s hard to tell.
— Pat