Life is a process, not a finished product

It’s the nature of our human existence to sometimes feel low. When we do, the underlying feeling is fear. Those who didn't have fear feelings in the pre-historic era would probably have died out when a predator turned up. The animals that did't feel fear would most likely have been eaten up in the jungle first.  Fear is the best feeling we have to realise something has to change.

Bad feelings might be annoying and even horrible, but they don't last and the best we can do is to understand how important these are in an evolutionary perspective, and understand where they come from to observe our reactions so we can change what can be changed, and if it can't be changed, accept and embrace it. At one of our corporate events in Germany a man said he hated his job, but he also said he could not change it. He kept saying ¨Impossible!¨ Ray then said, Either you love it, or you change it. If we want to be healthy, we probably have to take the 'bad' feelings as a good warnings. Change it, or Accept it.

What if we never felt low, would we ever feel up? Life is a process and not a finished product (OO8 #2) and wherever you look in the universe there is only one fundamental rule: change. Even though we struggle to make life go smoothly for ourselves and others, it’s impossible. Sooner or later life "happens" to us and we experience very stressful circumstances like illness, loss, accidents, separations, etc. All ancient and most new philosophies accept the Change, as the universe itself. The Big Bang is the ultimate example of change. Study forms of anything in nature and you'll see that in the deepest parts it's a spiral form, a process. 

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