Meat putrefies in the gut and kills your best friends

When meat putrefies in the intestine it creates toxic substances, one of them being ammonia, which kills pretty much everything around it. A 50 year old person that eats a typical western diet of animal sourced protein (eggs and dairy included) will have produced about 70 kg of ammonia, the equivalent of  3500 litres of Windex. How do you think that affects your friendly microbes in the gut? 

Your micro-biome consists of 10 times more cells than our own cells, so who are you really? You are like a national park of microbes that breathes and connects with everything around it. Considering that most of those small parts of you live in your gut and depend on what you eat, it's really true that "you are what you eat." And considering that 80% of your immune system is in your gut, you have to love every little helping creature, that live in symbiosis with you, and feed it with what makes it healthy. Plants! Yes, an unrefined all plant-based diet with all it's fibre intact is the best food. It gives us the fibre, soluble and insoluble, that our small friends live of: soaked seeds (you want the gel), nuts, greens, vegetables, grains, pulses... 

The truth is, we feed it crap and poison. The news about the micro biome and its importance to us is booming in the scientific literature. It seems to be correlated to about every modern disease in one way or the other; arthritis, cancer, hypertension, dementia, depression, autoimmune disorders, and much more. What is obvious has been obvious thousands of years: that if you help your body by living natural and healthy, it will help you get rid of toxins and in the long run, disease. 

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