Why Green Leafy Veggies?

Apart from the taste and digestion of each person, the generally most healthy food to eat for all humans are without doubt green leafy vegetables. They are first of all often eaten raw also with cooked food, allowing them to keep the enzymes which otherwise could be destroyed when being cooked or frozen. They contain lots of easy to digest fibre, the cleansing non-soluble and the soluble pre-biotic fibre that our dear friends the bacteria in our microflora feeds off. Leafy vegetables have easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and loads of water, and of course the chlorophyl that our bodies can use like an ant-oxidant if needed. They hardly have any calories so as a compliment to other food it's an excellent way to lower the Glycemic Load. What more can you ask for? 

So, what’s the down size? Well, you have to eat a lot of them and per kg it falls low on the scale of healthiest food, as most people don’t eat that much of them. Three leaves will hardly do much for your belly. We need more, much more. The solution is to prepare them - mixed with tasty food, chop them well, or make smoothies. Have them in all meals, including your breakfast porridge. Yes, why not? You’ll see that they adopt to the taste (chose the less bitter leaves). Skip the juices though, as you won’t get all the good fibre. Oh, and don’t forget to chew well if you drink your greens, so that you get your enzymes going in the saliva.