The #1 Healthiest Food Is…

A common question we get is what kind of food is the healthiest? Is it tomatoes or carrots, is it fish or chicken, nuts or beans, is it milk or soy milk?

Raw or cooked?

Carbs or proteins?

The half-true answer to that is that it always depends on what you are comparing with, but I still believe that any recommendation that you won’t even consider is a lousy recommendation. Of all the ‘real’ food the earth provides us with, the healthiest ones would be the ones you like and tolerate.

So what do you like?

How can you like those that you don't like so much? Check out our the recipes here, or our vegan cookbook to get some ideas. Creativity is the first solution, remember!

If I recommend beans to someone who hears the echo of their childhood teacher forcing them to finish their plate of stale red beans, it is probably a lousy recommendation as s/he just won’t eat them. Or maybe I’ll have to show them how to make a bean paste or some other delicious dish in order to open their eyes for new ideas. 

There's no point recommending something even if it's super food, if the eater simply won’t eat it. In medical terms this is called Compliance (the likelihood that a patient will stick to the recommendation). Another problem is if the eater can’t digest it. The healthiest food could become the worst toxin if you are allergic or can’t digest it. Apart from all that, the answer is with not doubt green leafy vegetables. How to eat them, see our recipes, or read more.