Meditation - the 5th Pillar of Yoga

Meditation - In latin meditare means to reflect upon, the opposite of trying to silence your thoughts. But there is a huge difference in between having a thought and the thought having you. If there is a thought be with it, and when it passes just be. As opposed to relaxation meditation is done with a very conscious mind, with as much awareness as possible. The more awareness of your being (in time) the deeper the meditation. The form is irrelevant, as long as you can get to the point of awareness. It can be done sitting, while doing something, or with technics like the Zen, Mantra, or Vipassana (awareness of breathing) meditation.

Yoga is another form/technic of meditation, or focusing on our body's movement. Golf can be meditative when you focus your body to only have the ball in sight. Biking, racing, washing dishes, listening to music, looking, listening, thinking, eating, touching, digging...anything that you do with as much awareness as you can, is meditation. We teach you to integrate meditation in all you do, to live a life more aware, more there, and more here. Why? Because it is one of the most healthy things we can do. Chemically it lowers the stress hormones, after smoking the main cause of certain disease.

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