~ Bum Sitting & Creativity ~

If you attended the Spring Retreats in Spain, you may recall we began using the phrase “Bum Sitting” where we once used the word “meditation.” The logic was simple - ditch everything we thought we knew about meditation (it’s been passed down through too many generations and with too much connotative disarray.)

The general Bum Sitting technique for creativity is easy. Assume any (bum-based) pose and close your eyes. What do you want to think about? Really think about it. What can’t you stop thinking about? Really think about it. What pops in your mind first, study it (no matter how crazy it is). How do you feel (not how do you want to feel), feel it (no matter how bad or good it feels). What’s going on in there, let it go on. Allow it to unfold and really focus on the unfolding. If there were an objective in the general practice of Bum Sitting it's to focus on what's available inside you at the moment, not on the conventional goal of transforming that moment into what it could possibly be given it were converted into something it's not but could be were you skilled enough at achieving the conversion of yourself into someone else's version of you.


Imagine a long chain lying in a dense jungle. The link you see is attached to one you don’t, and who knows how long that chain is, or how amazing each link, or what the most hidden link(s) are trying to tell you. Study, think, feel the link that first appears, or the one that comes out of that, and on and on. At the end of the immediate impulse and its deeper or more remote connections is the origin of a great journey. See where it begins, marvel (or cry, or laugh, or tingle) at where it takes you. 

Nothing is forbidden in the mind-detoxing, creativity-enhancing, truly fantastic world of Bum Sitting.