~ Your Health is the Earth’s Health ~

We've known for years that the earth is as much a living being as we are. Ideally our personal health journeys reveal this to us somewhere along the way, and we recognize just how much we extend beyond our own physical boundaries. At the furthest reaches of this realization lies the understanding that we can only be as healthy as the earth, and the earth, as we.

Citing the UN-backed Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report in 2005, National Geographic informed us that the "Earth's Health was in Sharp Decline," as did the UN again in 2016. In April 2017, the Smithsonian Institute, in celebration of Earth Day, published a short article entitled "This Earth Day, the Planet's Health is Your Health." And finally, in his recent and oft maligned but potentially very realistic piece in the New York Magazine, the author describes in more detail a dim future for our earth's health in his "Uninhabitable Earth." 

It seems, at least according to 98% of the scientific community, that the earth is unhealthy. So much so that the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and a handful of other like thinkers have given us 100 years to find a new planet, unless of course, we can somehow manage to make this one "great again."

Eating more vegan or organic food at home and when out, cutting down on energy consumption, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, using more sustainable materials, informing ourselves and our children better, that's all great, but perhaps it's no longer enough. Perhaps the next step in the personal health journey is realizing and acting upon the knowledge that our personal health is public health, and most importantly, planetary health. Expand your journey to discover how you can participate more actively and publicly in making the earth healthy. Find what inspires you to get creative, and create! 

And with this thought in mind we wish to thank one of our guests this spring who after returning home developed a special department within her very successful company specifically to focus on the opportunity sustainability within her industry conveys.

Creativity is indeed the First Solution. 


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