A question about doubt on Whats App

On their way home M, who has joined us three times (last vist with her husband) in Thailand, wrote this on Whats App:  

We are on the bus we got an early one. Thanks again, I always feel so good as I leave. I look forward to our skype so I can ask things like 'where does one go when doubt sets in? 🐞🍷❤️🐜🤢🦀


So I answered this:

Haha 😃 yes, that's THE question👆
I haven't found any better place to go than to the place called FAITH. The best of those places is called In Myself, but many chose the place called In God. I don't see much difference really. 
I think it's the most beautiful, peaceful and self-loving place there is and I go there every day. Specially before sleeping and waking up. 
I have only met kind and good people there. Myself included. It's  when I go too far away from that place I can wobble and hurt others. If anyone has to hurt me in that place, it's not because they are bad or evil but because their molecules (or maybe microbes) are formed to do so. It's just what they are and have to do. 🦁😒🐒🦅🐝🐍🦈👹
Others can help you find that place, or give you a map, or calm you so that you can look at the map in the first place, but in the end you can only go there by yourself. After you find it you can easily go in peace anywhere, anytime...or just stay 🌏🌈✨