Aromas for Anxiety, Insomnia, Aging and more

The aroma of fresh coffee in the morning kicks the morning blues better than anything else I know of, much, much better than the actual taste. New scientific studies show that aromatherapy is hugely beneficial, but the same olfactory bulb (just above the nose) that can be used to heal us can also be easily fooled by the chemical industry to make us buy unhealthy fragrances such as found in perfumes, air fresheners and other poisons. They make softeners and hair conditioners that get us hooked, detergents that correlate to anxiety, and dementia and allergies to name a few.

Aromatherapy has been used for ages in ancient medicine and in particular in Ayurveda. The smell is the only sense that is directly connected to memory. We have all sensed a certain fragrance pass by and were suddenly taken to a memory that could be many years old. Biologist believe this feature of smell is quick in cases we might need to run, fight, reproduce, eat or perform any other evolutionary survival acts. The other senses are processed in the mind first, where they get scrutinized and analyzed by knowledge we have acquired through our cultures.

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