I was hoping to find some peace and tranquility, and I am blessed to have found that and more.
— Mary

A view from WAY above

Through our Mind Detox Meditation program you will find healing in having grown into a more huge awareness of your place in the universe. Call it enlightenment if you want.

We combine creative meditation and informative dialogue to improve our wellness on both mental and physical levels. Meditation alone has been shown to alleviate or eliminate anxiety and depression, alleviate stress related disorders, help us answer questions and make decisions, bring peace and tranquility, clarity of mind,  boost our immune systems, raise our energy levels - the list goes on. Combine meditation with a fresh look at ourselves in light of modern thought, and we have an experience that is not only physically and emotionally therapeutic, but can radically transform our world views, leading us closer to a view of the self we are more comfortable with.

Eat. Experience. Expand.

The O·live Program and the food support the body to support the mind and the other way around again. You’ll find your level of health and do as much or as little exercise and/or yoga as your body would like. The health classes, meditation, beautiful nature, and time to find the place within yourself is free from the worry and stress of the world around you.

The O·live 8

The O·live 8 Mind Detox Dialogue is the inspiration for the Mind Detox program. It is based upon well established conclusions from the natural, physical and social sciences, and roughly correspond to ancient Buddhist teachings, on as many as 8 meditative stages, of Jhanas.

  1. Properties, not principles (cultural relativism + (smidgen of special and general relativity))

  2. You are a process (evolutionary theory)

  3. Body chemistry is boss (basic bio-chemistry)

  4. Humans are just another species (physical/biological anthropology)

  5. Words are like maps (non-essentialist socio-linguistics)

  6. Become better than "God" (political philosophy)

  7. Imagination is the first solution (creative studies)

  8. Have faith, everything's going to be ok (belief)

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Thank you, for an inspiring and comprehensive journey into myself.
— Julia
How I thank our sisters and brothers of 14 billion years ago that you exist and we met. Thank you for the horizontal broadening.
— Simone
There is little I can write that would capture even an iota of my unforgettable experience at Olive Retreat. This can be attributed to the many moments that made it the experience it was, but equally (in reflection as I write this) in part to the ongoing change I genuinely feel as a result of my time there.
— Bhav
What a life affirming, restorative and happy week. Your wonderful Olive Retreat certainly means I bring bags full of health knowledge home. You are inspiring and magnetic people – full of health and energy that you impart to your students. You are change agents. A life changing week with a fabulous collection of people.
— Catriona
Olive Retreat – A treat in every way! I go home a very different person – Thanks in so many ways.
— Denise