What is healthy?

The first and most important part of the body-mind detox process is to define what healthy means to you.  We’d be very surprised if in your definition of healthy wasn’t “a strong heart”, “decent lung capacity”, “strong muscles and better posture.” Ironically enough, these are all very easy to get, and thought it’s not surprise to you that the only way to get them is through regular practice, what’s surprising is how easy this is once you figure out what you like doing, and once you learn how to “listen to your needs.”

All healthy changes start by creating a daily routine, however small a change is required. Depending upon your life perspective you start by finding the perfect practice for you. Many people are surprised that within a few weeks they don’t have to plan their routine anymore, the body takes them for a walk or asks them to do yoga or swim or dance or whatever energizes them.

Whether it’s to have a disease-free-slim-pain-free-flexible body, a peaceful-playful-quick-thoughtful mind, an energetic-empathetic-generous soul,  you won’t get there until you exercise regularly in your way, normally and with captivation. We help you find your thing, and we teach you how to get the most of your exercise, both anaerobic and aerobic.

What we mean is that of course exercise needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle. You know that, everyone knows that. No escape, so make it fun.

I just freaking ran!
Wow, didn’t even know I could anymore, how cool is that!
— Justin
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Just about everything here was unforgettable. Thank you for putting us on the right track and changing our lives.
— Nick & Margaret
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We'll teach you why it's important to exercise and how to benefit from it. We don’t advocate extreme sports or marathons because most studies show that a brisk walk or a soft run some 30-40 minutes seem to be the healthiest way to exercise for most of us. You can squeeze that in during the day by walking the dog, running errands, cleaning the house, gardening or something we haven’t thought of. More importantly, we'll help you find what you love with easy mind exercises. Your 'must' becomes your 'want', and your explorations become hikes, your meetings become walks. That's the real benefit. 

You'll learn how the body and mind work, or don’t work, in our hyperactive and toxic society, and how to read your body and mind signals. Ultimately, only you know what's right for you. We support you all the way, including when you return home with our “back home support.” In this way, we can help you better implement your new knowledge in the challenging environment you return to. Of course, the healthy food helps you want to exercise, and vv.

I could wax lyrical for hours about the Olive Retreat but suffice it to say I have returned home relaxed, refreshed, and full of ideas of how to stay that way.
— Sandra

When (if) you're ready, we're here for you

We don't believe in accidents or mistakes, largely because if any one of our lives is either, that would mean all those who we touch and are touched by, and all those touched and touched by them, and on and on ad infinitum, would also be a mistake, and that's just too improbable to be true.

So, you've gotten this far in your search. Consider taking the next step and honouring us with your presence, with who you are now and who you are becoming, and open a door you'll never wish to go back on.