Cristina - "It starts with the gut"

After earning an MBA in Economics from the University of Stockholm, Cristina navigated her way upward through the corporate ranks in some of Sweden's highest earning and most recognisable companies, playing roles in sales, strategy, marketing and finally ending her corporate career as Brand Manager, at times directly responsible for up to 130 people and major fairs and events.

For Cristina, the paradox of a loved family member being diagnosed with cancer on the same day her first child was born, and the recognition of the impermanence this entailed, would force a drastic curve in her path, a Karmentum. The only truth is Change, and after a few other drastic curves and her own neurological issues, she realized and decided to embrace it instead of fighting it. The questions turned up. The cycle of Earn more - Spend more - Earn more, didn’t make sense anymore. The body was obviously trying to tell us something? Mainstream medicine did not have the answers.

As with many leaders in the wellness industry, personal experiences of suffering lead her to lose interest in $ and so called “progress.” She left her Brand Management position, moved with her family to Spain and changed careers. Her vision expanded quickly, she continued her path, even if it was with a “broken leg”, it was still her path, no doubt a healing one.

She re-schooled in Ayurveda, nutrition, biochemistry and biology, and poured herself into the medical and health literature, detoxed herself and others, realizing that the existing mainstream forms of healing for chronic illness is disease care and not health care, and a part of a dysfunctional society that creates so much chronic illness. Slowly but with statistical firmness she turned towards holistic avenues and methods.

Her teachings and practices are based on her 25+ years of prolific study, combined with personal practice. She became a disciple of famous holistic leaders, many of whom she learnt from personally, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bo M. Nielsen, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru, and Dr. Simo. Her healing focus became Ayurveda and Orthomolecular Medicine, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayamas and Meditation.

Since the healing of her family member’s illness, and herself, others would come to her to learn. Her teachings took form when working clinically with Dr. Nielsen teaching Orthomolecular Medicine and Acupuncture. When it was time to start O·live Retreat in 2011, it derived from her huge gratitude and humility for what she was given and taught, and for being able to share and help others to heal. It never crossed her mind to turn anyone down, it wasn’t her decision to make, and it still isn’t. Her inquisitive mind leads her to more studies, and deeper into the source of Life itself.

The only mystery about healing is that it is so easy…once you learn!

She loves and respects life, in all forms. Her natural approach to healing is based on communication with life itself, and it makes sense no matter where you are from, taught and promoted by such notable figures as Dr. A. Wigmore, Dr. H. Clark, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Vant. Dr. Greger, Dr. Bernard, Dr. Lipton, Dr. Boutenko, and Dr. Saupe... Her devotion has since helped parents, children, corporations, athletes, models, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, businesspeople, housewives, and even doctors (they don’t include nutrition at medical school), with issues big or small, that prevent them from being happy, healthy and at peace (even when life happens to us.)

From the core of all methods she co-developed Feel f’ Real which she formalized as a at O·live Retreat together with the OO8 Mind Detox. She has written books, health guides, blogs and articles, and makes her work available to everyone who is interested in learning. You can read some of her pragmatic but deep philosophical teachings in her blog or in her books.

If he is part of my life then how can I be mad at him?
How can I be mad at Life?
— Cristina