This is just what I needed.
— Nancy
Sleep is the best meditation.
— Dalai Lama

100% outdoor 24/7

Has it ever crossed your mind to increase your connection with yourself, your loved ones, the earth, the universe, life. If the subject of connection (or lets us also say "awareness" or "consciousness") has ever been part of your dialogue - then in Thailand that's our speciality.

Even, and just as importantly, when sleeping. Our totally unique and unprecedented Prana Pods, or “permanent tents”, were designed to minimize the space between your body/consciousness and the earth as a living ecosystem while sleeping.

If you really want to connect, deeply connect with your makers, than minimizing the distance between you and nature, and interacting with your personal living space throughout the day's changes, is fundamental.

The amazing gain is your Self.

The Prana Pods are designed to accommodate -

  • Air Flow

  • Sensory flow

  • Transparency

  • Light and darkness

  • Sound and silence

  • Non-corrosivity

  • Health in every inhaled atom (10 to the power of 19 per inhalation)

I sleep all night, don’t even wake up to pee!! And I dream every night, how can that be? I never remember my dreams otherwise. (dreams = the subconscious communication)
— Julie

Thailand is the prefect climate for living and sleeping outdoors. Every night there is a slight breeze, and every nuance of it cascades right through our high strength, lightweight Prana Pod design . You won't miss a breath, a sound, a subtlety. Nothing stands between you and nature but a few milimeters of sturdy screen. Day or night.

The inner sleeping unit slides out for amazing star gazing on the many strikingly clear nights, and on those occasions when it rains, slides back in in a  matter of seconds. The mobility of the unit also allows greater floor space for naps, yoga, meditating, reading, hanging out, or just surfing the web. Up to you.

It may look simple, and it is, but it took years of living and sleeping in Thailand and feeling the subtleties of its climate to come up with this design. Forget doors. Forget walls. Forget mold. Privacy is provided by fully retractable curtains, lush bamboos and trees, plants and air.

In Thailand we live 100% outdoors, to maximize the detox and connection process. There's nothing to go inside for.

Don't be fooled by walls.

Life, breath, dreaming & healing are correlated.

Prana = life.

view of shala.jpg

Our jungle venue is next to the royal palace and associated national park. It’s protected by mountains, is four minutes from the beach and village, and is situated in a climate that allows us to explore 100% outdoor living, 24/7, 365.4 days each orbit of the earth. We thought we were fairly healthy but only now do we really get it.

The power of Nature as a healer, and its unpredictable and whimsical routines, are the best teachers. The lessons and the routines we make from them can be brought home and done everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Even if you live in NYC, London or Shanghai our routines can be brought home. Practice is everything.

I’ve never slept so good in my life.
— M
I can’t believe I slept so long.
— Max
That’s the first time I have slept a full night in 2 years! And the dreams I had, gosh, I remember my freaking dreams again!